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For Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

amiibo Characters

amiibo is Nintendo's amazing Toys To Life collectable character range which are used with your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles to provide extra content and game-play for your favourite Nintendo games.

Since the success of the first wave of amiibo (which were released in November 2014) Nintendo continued to give us even more amiibo figures for games series like Animal Crossing, Super Mario, The Legend Of Zelda and muc more! With dozens of different amiibos available, and more games with amiibo compatibility being developed for the Wii U & Nintendo 3DS (as well as the upcoming Nintendo Switch,) there's always an amiibo to fall in love with.

What do amiibo figures do?

Mario amiibo Character - Wave 1

amiibo can unlock certain exclusive features in certain Nintendo games. For example; they can be used to add a new character to your game, one that you wouldn't normally be able to play as. amiibo allows you to unlock special features within games such as costumes, weapons, bonus items and abilities. They can evolve in games as new data is saved. Each figure has specific features, depending on what the amiibo is and what game you play it on. They can also hold information to transfer between games.

How do I play with amiibo?

All you need in order to play is an amiibo figure , a compatible game and either a Wii U console or Nintendo 3DS. To use your amiibo character on Wii U, you simply tap the figure on the GamePad controller to instantly interact with the compatible games. With the New Nintendo 3DS, amiibo support is built-in.

Are amiibo compatible with normal 3DS consoles?

Yes! if you want to use amiibos on your regular 3DS, (without the need of upgrading to a New Nintendo 3DS) you can buy the amiibo NFC Reader Writer.

What is a New Nintendo 3DS?

New Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL are the latest additions to the 3DS Family, they offer new customisation options, faster speeds, new controls as well as a more comfortable 3D experience. The new 3D function uses the inner camera, which recognises and tracks your face whilst you play, automatically adjusting the angle - even if you move quite a lot during gameplay. This allows for the 3D to be sharp no matter how you like to play. The New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL has an amiibo compatible area on the bottom screen, called the NFC touchpoint (Near-field communication). You simply tap your amiibo figure on the area to instantly interact with you amiibo character. To see the new features, and how amiibo work with the New Nintendo 3DS, you should check out the official launch trailer!

What games are compatible?

Different compatible games will work with amiibo figures in various ways. Not all amiibo characters will work with all amiibo compatible games. So, before you buy your game or figure, make sure you can use them both by checking out Nintendo's compatibility chart.

How many games can I save onto a single amiibo character?

Amiibos can unlock features in multiple games however they can only store one game's data at a time. So, for example, an amiibo used in Super Smash Bros. can't also be used to store data for Mario Party 10. However, the data can be erased, which will allow you to switch an amiibo from one game to the other.

Do you have to have an amiibo figure in order to play amiibo-compatible games?

Nope! You can still play amiibo compatible games without the need of an actual amiibo figure. Amiibos are optional and are used to further enhance your gameplay.

Where can I find out what games and characters are compatible?

The best place to find out what games your amiibo figures are compatible with, there's no place better than Nintendo's official amiibo compatibility chart page , which lists all amiibo characters and which games they are compatible on.

What amiibo characters are available?

So far there are over 50 amiibo characters available to buy, however due to its popularity and success; we can expect to see even more of our favourite Nintendo characters in the near future. Check out our range of Amiibo characters here!