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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide (Expansion)

Extensive addition for sci-fi entry to award-winning Civilization franchise introduces aquatic gameplay, an overhauled diplomacy system, hybrid Affinities and more!

Release Date: 09th October 2015 (View our other massive releases on our Games Calendar)


Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth is a turn based strategy game and part of the Civilization series. The game was Developed by Firaxis games and published by 2K Games , It was released for PC on October 24, 2014. A new expansion pack called Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide is being released in late 2015 for PC . These games are the first in the series to be set in the future and as the title suggests, not on earth since it being uninhabitable due to a disaster known as the Great Mistake. As part of an expedition you must find and create a new civilization in space by exploring extra-terrestrial planets and form colonies on them.

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Beyond Earth is a turn based strategy game played on a hexagonal-based grid similar to earlier Civilization games where the player builds cities via a turn based system to progress over a period of time. Where Beyond Earth differs from its predecessors is setting up the back story to the game. In previous Civilization games the player would choose from a different set of historical empires led by historical figures, each with pre-set personalities. Where as in beyond Earth, the player chooses the sponsors that support their expedition, the type of spacecraft they use to reach the planet, and the people and things they take with them, which allows the player to create their own civilization. Beyond Earth has more of a focus on the player’s decisions and features a tech web, rather than previous civilization more linear tech tree, this allows for multiple outcomes.


Scheduled for release in late 2015 Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide is the expansion pack to 2014 very successful Civilization: Beyond Earth . Rising Tide Extends beyond Earth to the seas and beneath, adding even more choices and diplomatic options for the player.

Review Round up

The response to Civilization: Beyond Earth was an overall good one, with it receiving critical and commercial praise and a current metacritic score of 81/100. It seems like the move from historical setting to a sci-fi world set on alien planets in the future was the right step for the series to make.
Read some reviews from the gaming media below:

Gamespot Score: 7/10

The path to victory is more elegantly interwoven with the early and middle game this time around, and of course, global domination, ever the crude way out, remains as tempting as ever when another world leader shows up uninvited to talk some smack. The more things change, the more they stay the same, then; a journey to a planet halfway across the universe reaffirming the draw of the same old creature comforts--a plot of land, and just one more turn

Polygon Score: 9

Civilization: Beyond Earth is an immensely pleasing simulation of a future human society, struggling to survive on a new planet. It presents the player with a constant stream of challenging and intriguing choices. Packed with big ideas about science and science fiction, it meticulously interlocks dozens of strategic gaming systems that work together at a level that approaches genius.

IGN Score: 7.9/10

Beyond Earth is nowhere near the strongest game in the more than 20-year-old Civilization series, but this big collection of interesting experimental ideas definitely still kept me playing long after I should've gone to bed. The Affinities and streamlined military upgrade system, and a colorful change of scenery make it worth the time to figure out the difference between Protogenetics and Surrogacy, and suffering through temperamental alien wildlife.

Eurogamer Score: 8/10

Inevitably, it's not really a game about space and aliens, even though it effortlessly got me googling Bracewell probes and the Great Attractor. Like the best [sci-fi], Beyond Earth is about humanity--more so, perhaps, than Civ itself is. Here comes Earth, eh? So filled with contradictory certainties and lofty dogma, so ready to forget its principles when greed takes over. The wider mechanics, meanwhile--with that web, those quests, all those new choices--are emphatically concerned with distracting you from your dogma and even your self-interest, with distracting you from one strategy by offering so many others.


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