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Just Cause 3 game

Just Cause 3

Open-world chaos and carnage!

Release Date: December 1st 2015 - View our other massive releases on our Games Calendar


Guns! Explosives! Fast Cars! The long awaited Just Cause 3 from Avalanche Studios blasts on to our screens via PS4 and Xbox One this December 1st, published by Square Enix. The first title in the open world action-adventure (read: carnage and destruction) sandbox series since 2010’s Just Cause 2. High flying, low rolling Secret Agent Rico Rodriguez is back and out of The Agency as he returns to his idyllic homeland of Medici. Inspired by the landscapes of Monaco, Medici is a fictional Caribbean island in the throes of power-hungry dictator General Di Ravello’s iron fist, and you intend to put a stop to him – by the most destructive means possible.

Enact your retribution with an arsenal of awesome weapons from rocket launchers and attack helicopters to tanks and C4. Hijack jets and airliners, drive exotic cars with authentic handling enhanced by the team behind the development of Burnout, and blow up bridges as you carve your way across the map with ease leaving chaos and destruction in your wake. Raze buildings, level military complexes, fill your chaos meter, suit up your army of freedom fighters, and liberate Medici in your own unique way.

Keeping its cool without ever taking itself too seriously, Just Cause 3 is set to blast all our expectations this winter. The only limit to your destruction is your imagination.

Order your copy of Just Cause 3 Now –for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

$34.99 Earn 1,750 Player Points
$32.49 Earn 1,625 Player Points
$71.99 Earn 3,600 Player Points
$17.49 Earn 875 Player Points
$14.49 Earn 725 Player Points
$27.49 Earn 1,375 Player Points
$19.49 Earn 975 Player Points

What’s Expected


Split into five unique biomes, Just Cause 3’s map is one of the largest and most densely populated in the history of gaming, with over 400 square miles of featured terrain and more packed with things to do than ever before, your opportunities for exploration and chaos are unrivalled. However, as this is your home turf, things just got personal.

The iconic grappling hook and parachute are back and better than ever, integrating seamlessly with the all new wingsuit. Now limitless, and with the ability to control tension in the grappling hooks, tether objects – and people! – together with impunity, the addition of the new wingsuit affords freedom of movement like never before and alongside your now unlimited supply of C4 you are master of the skies. Get creative by lashing cars to propane canisters, surf on tanks strapped to jet planes, or simply flip enemies off their vehicles by tethering them to the ground as they drive at you, guns blazing. Miss no opportunity to leave carnage and destruction in your wake.

Enjoy AI which steps up to your level – want to rampage through the streets in a tank? Expect the military on your back with bigger tanks. Hijack your enemy’s helicopters without a licence? Expect jump-jets with cruise missiles on your six. Not that it matters though – there’s not an enemy you can’t bring down or a government you can’t overthrow with your trusty grapple, a stack of highly explosive ordnance, and your crackpot lack of fear.

Just Cause 3 boasts ludicrous gameplay inspired by the vast and active modding community from previous games in the series. With a fresh focus on verticality, climbing and flying realism - delve deep into underground caverns, scale buildings and soar across rooftops like never before. Just Cause 3’s delightfully absurd story-telling has a keen sense of its own irony, from the first moment you hear the smooth piano rendition of The Prodigy’s Firestarter in the opening trailer, you know you’re in for something big...

With your creativity and limitless potential for chaos at the heart of the game, make Medici your playground. Order your copy today!

Playing Online

Unfortunately Avalanche have announced that there will not be Multiplayer for the launch of Just Cause 3, but the same was true of Just Cause 2 and thanks to a committed and loving community of modders and dedicated fans of the series, multiplayer was added later in the form of a major community patch. Square Enix have said that multiplayer for the title would ‘make sense’. If a future collaboration is in order between Avalanche and Square Enix, or the modding community at large, you will more than likely require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live in order to play. Timecards and Live subscriptions are available to buy from us in subscription lengths to suit your needs.

Weaponized Vehicle Pack

Pre-orders of Just Cause 3 also gave you access to the "Weaponized Vehicle Pack", including 3 exclusive weaponised vehicles. The Mugello Delphino GLF Speedboat, The All-Terrain Urga Pocomaxa X4 dune buggy, and The Kerner Serpente R12 sports car!

Collector's Edition

The Collector's edition of Just Cause 3 includes content voted on by fans on the Square Enix website - get a faithful 15" display replica of Rico's grapple and arm-launcher, exclusive steelbook, 24" square map of Medici, 32 page artbook and the Day One edition of the game!

Watch the Trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Just Cause 3, outlining the story underpinning the madness - more trailers will be added as they are released! Order your copy now so you don’t miss out.

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