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Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division

When society falls, we rise.

Release Date: March 8th 2016 - View our other massive releases on our Games Calendar


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It is said that society is never more than three square meals away from Anarchy. No game explores this stark concept more deeply than Tom Clancy’s The Division, the bold new idea for the long running Tom Clancy franchise Developed by Ubisoft. The Division is an open world third person shooter MMOG set in the shattered aftermath of New York City after a viral pandemic spread through bank notes on Black Friday claims hundreds of thousands of lives and leaves the city, and the financial infrastructure of the United States, crippled. You take the role of a specialist Sleeper Agent of the Strategic Homeland Division (Simply known as The Division) and fight to secure New York and the world from the outbreak of this devastating virus.

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What’s Expected

As a recently activated member of The Strategic Homeland Division, a classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents equipped with advanced technology, you answer directly to the President in overcoming this crisis. You must scavenge, barter and fight your way through a landscape of loose allegiances and fragile infrastructure as you and your fellow agents work discretely to take back the city from those who would do her harm.

The Federal Government is on its knees within five days, the armed forces are stretched to their limits and access to basic services like food and water are limited. New York is descending into chaos around you, and the United States of America is toppling like a house of cards. People have to make tough moral choices, with agents commonly turning rogue in order to achieve personal gain. The line between friend and foe has never been more blurred, and it is down to The Division to toe that line.

"Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia" - “Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures.” It is down to you and your fellow agents to pull the world from the brink of collapse.


Tom Clancy's The Division Screenshot

Explore the devastated landscape of New York after the outbreak of the virus. Fully adaptive AI allow seamless solo or up to 4 player team play as you fight through the lawlessness and chaos to liberate districts, level up your character and upgrade your gear with new equipment and skills, each of which contribute to the unique look of your agent, blending tight and responsive combat mechanics with rich RPG elements in a persistent and seamless game-world.

Weather is persistent with a full day and night cycle in The Division, affecting visibility, environmental conditions, and changing the behaviour of enemies and NPCs dependent upon the time of day. Weather can be hostile, making shelter valuable when the situation turns, and new opportunities can arise under the cover of darkness.

Tom Clancy's The Division is Ubisoft Massive's first triple-A title built in the intuitive new Snowdrop engine, built in Sweden, the game engine has been specifically developed to take advantage of the powerful hardware in the PS4 and Xbox One. With an awesome physics engine, volumetric lighting and highly realistic rendering, no Tom Clancy title has ever looked this good.

Dark Zones

PVP in the Dark Zone, The Division's PVP area is a tense and fulfilling experience where the opportunity for powerful new loot makes the risks of entering enticing and worthwhile. Accessible seamlessly from the normal game world of New York without any loading screens, once inside the Dark Zone, you're on your own. Originally set up as quarantine areas after the outbreak of the virus; the situation within the Dark Zones rapidly deteriorated and massive blackouts resulted in the overstretched military forces stationed there being forced to pull out, leaving their valuable gear and equipment behind them. Stepping in to the Dark Zones offers you the opportunity to extract this contaminated gear and keep it for yourself.

These communication dead zones are crawling with powerful enemies and fellow players alike, the draw of legendary weapons attracting anyone daring enough to enter the area. As solo agents, the choice is yours whether to work together to take down the opposing factions standing between you and extraction, or to go rogue and turn on each other in order to keep the loot for yourself. Both extraction and going rogue sends a warning across the entire area of your location, making the 90 second wait for your extraction helicopter a real fight to survive.

ECHOs & Special Equipment

Your agent must be able to rely on their resourcefulness and be equipped with supplies that are compact, specialised, and use little power in order to deal with this crisis. One of the principal challenges to overcome is communication and access to information, and one of the first priorities of The Division is to communicate as much information as possible to the central network.

Your Division agent is equipped with specialist equipment in order to gain terrain knowledge and stay connected. Your Smart Watch, which serves as the primary User Interface in the game constantly scans the area through an atenna in your GO-Bag for information hidden in radio frequencies, CCTV footage, text messages and phone calls about what happened in the events immediately following the outbreak. Through the means of your cutting edge contact lenses and earpiece, this information is displayed in the game world in the form of ECHOs, a frozen moment in time displaying visual representations or playing recorded phone calls granting a deeper insight into the tragedy that befell New York and its populace, opening up opportunities to find missing people, or gather crucial new intel on your immediate surroundings.

Weapons & Skills

Weapons in Tom Clancy’s The Division are separated into six types - Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns (SMG), Assault Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR), and Light Machine Guns (LMG). Each of these can be personalised to the player’s preferences and customised with a variety of different attachments according to your chosen playstyle, such as sights, silencers and grenade launchers. Players can have a primary, secondary and sidearm equipped at the same time.

Play by your own rules and customise your skills to suit your style. Support your teammates with healing grenades and information pulses, use Seeker Mines and attack drones to destroy your enemies, or draw their fire with flamethrowers and portable turrets. Alongside legendary weapons and modular gear, the options are many and varied and the choice is yours.


Alongside The Division, you will come up against various factions within the game, including the zealous contamination-obsessed Cleaners, with their heavy hazard gear and fearsome flamethrowers, Opportunist thugs looking to make a quick buck by ransacking the city, the Rikers - escaped convicts from Riker Island, New York City's largest prison complex, what's left of the Army and the Police, and the Catastrophic Emergency Response Agency (CERA), the government agency responsible for containing the spread of the outbreak by setting up emergency infrastructure such as quarantines, medical centres, and supply distribution chains.

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