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Brink Game PS3

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by Oliver on March 15th 2013

Brink is hard game to rate as its a fun game but it seems to not go very deep into its gameplay mechanics to make it something really good but for what it is it was pretty enjoyable, just remember to focus on the objectives and less on the shooting gameplay itself. I just really wish they had gone all out with the parkor and made it like mirrors edge but in a mulitplayer environment. By the way dont buy this if your looking for a single player shooter game, go for singularity or bioshock instead as nothing of a story here

by Vincent on November 27th 2012

Brink isn't exactly anything new. everything it does has been done before. however the game is still nice. Game play is smooth, movement is nice thanks to the (unneeded) parkour aspect. still the ability to play as a light class and literally run up the walls to flank etc leads to some interesting encounters on the battlefield. the classes themselves aren't really too differentiable until later on when you have to buy all the special things. to quote Yahtzee "Brink is a game where you stand around mashing your use key at things" "Engineers engineer engineerable things, Solders explode explodable things, Covert ops hack hackable things and medics medicate dead things" still a fun game to waste time with and honestly come on. look at the price. worth $15 easily

by Tyler on July 3rd 2012

brink is a cool shooter and not only because of its great graphics but also because of being able to do time callanges. brink alows you to be the good guy cop trying to save the ark and the other guys trying to escape the ark. overall i yhought this was a good game but cold be better. 3.5/5

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