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Fire Emblem Awakening Game 3DS

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by WEI on July 13th 2016


by Des on March 26th 2016

My favourite game on the 3DS console. Not being familiar with the previous Fire Emblem titles, I didn't know what to expect from the game aside from it being an SRPG and having gorgeous artwork, but boy was I glad to have added this game to my library. There are so many characters, and all of them charming and a treat to follow. Add that with addictive and challenging gameplay, and you have yourself a sure winner. Not to mention the party combinations you can experiment with makes for amazing replay value. Totally worth it.

by Ojitesh on May 26th 2015

Fire Emblem Awakening is the most fluid and stunning strategy RPG experience available on a portable, and features the best storytelling and production value of any 3DS game to date. The strong tactical game-play and strikingly diverse visuals are only part of the equation - the strength of the game comes from the strength of the characters.

by Matheson on April 5th 2015

Fire Emblem Awakening stands at the top of the strategy genre on this console. My favourite part of the game was easily the very large, highly customizable and surprisingly well developed characters. That the relationships I built between them had such a large effect on the gameplay, not to mention how well written they were, made the game for me. That, paired with the strategic, almost chess-like gameplay makes this a must-have 3DS title.

by Hara on March 21st 2015

I actually play this game although I got it last year. The story was a little lacking but the game has great characters that you may or may not become obsessed with. (haha) I played it last night and it I gotta say that this is one of my favorites in the 3ds platform. Also, the shipping was faster than expected! (it took like a week+2 days?) yep yep highly recommended!!

by Rhiannon on March 14th 2015

This is a great game for those that love strategy in their game play. The fighting is on maps where you must control units and their actions. This is very comparable to the ds game Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the rift. If you liked that game you will love this game. But if you don't like that game then i'd steer clear of this one.

by Tim on April 10th 2014

The best 3DS can offer for any strategy or RPG lovers. Bringing the Fire Emblems franchise to the new high.

by Jerome on December 14th 2013

A lengthy and engaging storyline, charming graphics, beautiful music and cutscenes, this game is brilliant. There's plenty of things to do and even more ways to carry them out, especially as there is a wide selection of DLC to choose from. Mix and match gear, classes and characters, build their relationships as you see fit, changing the game in the process. The game is suitable for novices or experts, the only criticism I have is it is a shame their is no online multiplayer, even so, Fire Emblem Awakening is a must-have 3DS game.

by Josh on November 17th 2013

This game has amazing cutscenes, amazing gameplay, awesome music and it is a game for all ages. YOU MUST BUY IT!!!!!! It is totally worth it. The story is really easy to follow, and anyone can just jump in and play it. I love the characters and it has hours of content. A must have game.

by Reuben on May 19th 2013

This is a game for any rpg lover, it has a gorgeous artstyle (complete with beautiful anime cutscenes), it has an engrossing story and the gameplay is as deep as it is enjoyable and accessible. The permadeath feature of Fire Emblem games has been a double edged sword, while it brung a lot of hardcore gamers it also made a lot of people shy away from the series, but with the addition of a casual mode which removes permadeath this game is more accessible than any other game in the series. The ability to make your characters get married allows you to make a very unique team from their children who inherit abilities from both parents, in the process of this you'll also uncover back stories for your characters which adds a lot to the already amazingly well crafted main story.

by Aaron on April 21st 2013

All the reviews I've seen of this game make it sound like it will be amazing. Fire Emblem has always been one of my favourite series despite the lack of publicity outside of Japan. After the slight let down of 11, I'm looking forward to this arriving. Should be a great game for all Fire Emblem fans.

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