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Super Mario 3D Land Game 3DS

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by Liam on March 6th 2017

My lord this is a fun game. While the 3DS is gonna be put to sleep soon, (pun intended... You know, putting the console to sleep...), but if you have a 3DS gathering dust in your drawer, pull it out, but this game and have a blast! The music is awesome, Mario's platforming is better than ever, and it's all in 3D! I would recommend using the 3D option on your 3DS, but it's not necessary to. It... Is... Amazing... There's so much replay ability and so your $50 will be worth it!

by Helena on October 24th 2016

A really fun game! The controls are tight as always from Nintendo, the levels are a nice combination of linear progress and a touch of exploration that suits the smaller screen well (gorgeously colourful too), and unlike so many 3DS games the 3D is genuinely useful for gameplay. Don't expect anything like a Galaxy sequel though - it is truly a pick-up-and-play Mario title, so sacrifices story, longer levels and the extreme difficulty at the later stages to be more accessible. I would have maybe wanted a few more levels that racked up the difficulty, but that's picking at straws. One of the best 3DS titles and enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

by Travis on September 15th 2016

This game is awesome considering it firstly came out on nintendo 64 mario is a awesome game lots of fun full of adventure and one game. I recommend highly to any1 hu has a nintendo ds fun game always something to do lots of fun highly recommended.

by Clarke on April 28th 2014

I've always been a Nintendo person, but could never really get past the steep learning curve of the traditional sidescrolling Mario, but this game was amazing. My only issue was that since the game is from the UK, the club nintendo code didn't work for the oceania club nintendo, though I suppose I should have done my research first.

by Arrol on December 19th 2013

fantastic. some of the best use of 3d on the 3ds. great gameplay. a bit easy but still good fun. graphics are really good. the downside is that if you play without 2D some of the levels will be hard to do because it was made for 3D. 5 out of 5.

by Ben on March 24th 2013

An essential game for all 3DS owners. There is a lot of fun to be had with heaps of replay ability. I spent over 40 hours on this game and loved every minute of it. The 3D effects work really well in this game, and really show what the 3DS system is capable of.

by Suhail on September 16th 2012

This game is amazing, it's the best 3D game I've played on the 3ds, the 3d really makes a difference to the gameplay allowing you to navigate the complicated platforming sections with much more ease than if it was in 2d, the level designs are really creative and I love how they mixed and matched the themes in each world. The star coins in each world are addicting to collect and the game as a whole is polished and you can tell that a lot of work has gone into it to make it the fun, seamless experience that it is.

by Rajeev on July 6th 2012

This was my first game on 3DS and probably my favourite! It's perfect for showing off how great the 3D is and can be used on the console, as you find it makes jumping and judging distances so much easier and looks great!<br />The main game in itself is awesome as well with so many worlds and levels to explore; and even after you get through all of them there's still the option of getting all three Star Coins, hitting the top of the flag pole and getting good speed run times to keep you coming back for more.<br />Powerups are fun, letting yo experiment with different abilities and bringing back the tanooki tail. And when you get stuck on a really hard level you're given the option to go through it while invincible so it doesn't get too frustrating.<br />Definitely worth having a look at and a must have on your 3DS console.

by Nick on June 2nd 2012

This is a pretty good game,but I prefer the original super mario more.I would recommend Mario Kart 7 over this game!It does add something new to the mario series like the AWESOME tanooki tail power up.A great game all round,but its not perfect.8.0/10.

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