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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Complete Series Collection Blu-ray

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by Dale on May 2nd 2013

Madoka Magica is a deconstruction of the magical girl (or Puella Magi) genre; so don't judge this series by its cover. While it may seem like a lighthearted, fun anime (it is an anime by the way, don't know why it's not categorized under it though) Madoka Magica is definitely one of the darker shows I've watched and so caters towards an older audience than the cover would have you believe. And a lot of this comes from the anime's roots as a deconstruction anime. As a deconstruction anime, Madoka Magica shares a lot of similarities with Neon Genesis Evangellion and works to take a common premise and show it in a completely different light. As I don’t have a lot of experience with magical girl anime, what I can say here is limited. But the general premise for a magical girl anime is: A familiar offers a school girl super powers to fight evil with and the girl becomes a magical girl who pretty much acts as a super hero. For those of you who are interested here’s a breakdown of how I rated Madoka Magica and my justification of my rating for the individual components: Story: 9.8/10 Art/Animation: 9.8/10 Sound: 9.7/10 Characters: 9/10 Enjoyment: 9.8/10 Overall: 9.6/10 Story: While it starts off a little deceptively Madoka Magica’s story comes as one of the most appealing aspects of the show, opposed to typical magical girl anime Madoka Magica crams a compelling story into 12 episodes and somehow manages to do so without overwhelming the viewer and keeping a secure and coherent story. The only real weak point here was a fairly poor explanation of entropy (bet you didn’t expect to see that word here), which can be ignored if you’ve ever watched a documentary on the universe expanding or the big bang. (The universe is cooling down, basically) Art: Madoka Magica is eye candy; it’s a true pleasure to behold. Almost all of the art was reworked for the blu ray release and the diversity of the art styles in Madoka Magica is incredible. The witches’ labyrinths are captivating and are unlike anything I’ve seen in an anime before, while the rest of the art is detailed and modern. The character designs prioritize on what they need to, their faces are large in order to convey emotion that’s demanded from them and their overall design manages to optimally display each characters innocence. Sound: While I don’t feel so comfortable justifying why I like certain music, I find it easy to say that the music in Madoka Magica is spectacular. There’s great diversity in the music and all the songs set the mood perfectly. The Japanese voice acting is incredibly well done and while this does come with an English dub I’d definitely recommend the Japanese version. Characters: Madoka Magica doesn’t suffer from a surplus of characters and so those who’re featured in the anime develop extensively. Your perception of the characters will change drastically over the course of the anime. I began to admire characters I’d previously despised and vice versa, their stories are captivating and I found them easy to empathize with as new light was shed on a different facet of the different characters. Enjoyment: I’ve heard people call Madoka Magica a modern day gem, and I agree. It’s rare to find a story as compelling as Madoka Magica’s in any medium let alone modern anime and it’s definitely a welcomed surprise. To those who’re put off by the cover of the anime or any other preconceptions about it or anime as a whole, I urge you to give it a chance. Although, unfortunately I doubt many people will read my review. Madoka Magica, it’s good!

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