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Game of Thrones S8E01: 7 Questions We Want Answers To After This Weeks Episode

If you have been living under a rock for the last 7 seasons, you wouldn’t understand just how crazy everyone has been going after watching the first episode of season 8! After the first episode aired on Monday morning, office talk here at has been nothing but Game of Thrones, all trying to piece together what is going to happen in the coming episodes. So in the spirit of the new episode, we have asked Game of Thrones biggest fans in the office and collated the best questions our members of staff have been left with.

After watching the newest episode on Monday morning, it was like travelling back in time to the first ever episode, not just with the opening scenes but throughout the entire episode it gives you various aspects that are very similar, almost the same as the first ever episode, giving the episode a very nostalgic feel with an element of ‘the calm before the storm’. Also in the episode, you finally start to see the different storylines come together and you can now start to predict how things may end up at the end of the season. One AMAZING bonus to this observation is that there are fewer perspective changes between the characters now, because they are all congregating in the same places, making it quite the opposite to how frustrating it used to be for us viewers back in the early seasons when we wouldn’t have seen much progress in storylines through an episode.

We’ve gathered together 7 of the best and most asked questions that our staff at had after watching the long-awaited episode. The answers or theories we have given to these questions may be far from the truth but they are just our opinions based on the way we have each taken in the episodes when watching them.

1. Why is the Night King leaving these freaky messages and what do they mean?

We all know that the Night King leaving messages isn’t a new thing, is it? He has left them in the past in scenes from the Fist Of The First Men so we don’t want to think too much into this, however, we still feel like it’s very symbolic and strikingly similar to the Targaryen sigil which just sparks millions of questions in itself. Hopefully, they will be answered in the coming episodes. The show creators seem to have given it a huge level of importance with it being the final scene.

2. What the hell is Arya’s weapon?

Arya's weapon

After seeing the new weapon Arya has asked for, I believe she wants this to help her in the upcoming battle with the White Walkers, something that she will be able to use from a safer distance than she could with her Valyrian dagger. Seeing the sketch of the weapon, it shows that part of it is going to be made out of Dragonglass, a material that kills White Walkers & wights, but it also has a non-dragonglass edged blade, meaning it might not just be intended for the slaying of the undead!

It also shows in the sketch that the dragonglass part of the weapon can detach from the main shaft, also making us think that this could be used another way, maybe as a dagger, staff or long-range weapon? This would also make sense as we know from previous seasons like season 5, 6 and 7 when sparring with Brienne of Tarth that Arya has had experience and is skilled with a dagger, not to mention her time with the Faceless Men. Whatever the weapon turns out to be, I would not want to be on the receiving end of it.

3. What is Jon going to do with his new found ancestry knowledge?

An awkward conversation is in store – or is it? We know that Jon is going to do one of a couple of things. He is a very honourable character so making this decision will be very challenging for him, meaning that in the upcoming episodes we are fully expecting to see more scenes of him brooding over the decision he will come to make.

He is now the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and he is now honour bound to take the throne and serve his people but one thing I feel may hold Jon back from doing anything about this new information could be the fact that he does not even believe what he has recently discovered. After all, to believe it would be to denounce Daenerys’ claim to the throne… how would she take that? What will Daenerys reaction be and will she even believe it is true and not just some ploy to take the Iron Throne as it would mean that everything she has known up to this point has been a lie. Side question: With all this new found knowledge, is Jon going to stop getting into bed with his Auntie?

4. Will Bronn really kill Tyrion and Jaime for gold?

We’ve learnt throughout the seasons that Bronn is a sellsword and is known to be a very money-driven person, so it would not be a surprise to viewers if Bronn ends up killing the brothers. However, Tyrion has always said to Bronn “And if the day ever comes where you’re tempted to sell me out, remember this: whatever the price, I’ll beat it. I like living”. So will Bronn come forward and tell Tyrion about the request Cersei has made or will he take the gold and kill them both? It’s so unpredictable as there is also a very genuine friendship between the characters that makes you think he will not go through with it but is friendship really enough to stop Bronn desires for grandure?

5. How will Bran react to Jaime’s arrival at Winterfell?

Personally, I don’t think that Bran is going to be remotely bothered that Jaime has arrived at Winterfell when it comes to him actually pushing him off the tower. Now that the old Bran is dead and he is now the Three-Eyed Raven he can’t focus on the wrongs that have been done to him, he needs to focus on the important things. Vengeance is not a priority of his, defeating the Night King is his sole aim.

In the books, every time Bran’s subconscious would focus on Jaime, he was seen in a golden light and the Three-Eyed-Raven would tell him to put it out of his mind because it wasn’t important to remember. I think that this may be enough to support that Bran is not going to react when he sees Jaime, he has a bigger role to play than simply being a villain. It’s obvious that it is going to get brought up but how that will pan out, we are not sure. Also, why is Bran even more creepy than the Night King? Lol.

6. What is that witch Cersei planning?

Literally, what the hell is she planning?!

If the armies in the North lose to the Night King and consequently join his army, how is she going to survive down South? Is she going to have a change of heart and march her armies North to defeat the Night King? (I personally think there is no chance of this happening). Everyone in the office is at a loss with what Cersei is going to do next.

Cersei being a creep

7. What’s in store for Jaime after his arrival at Winterfell?

Jaime is arguably Game of Thrones’ most complex character. There is still so much that a lot of the main characters don’t know about him, good and bad. We can see now that his character arc is coming to its natural end and I think you will agree with me when I say everyone is rooting for Jaime to find his happy ending, after all, he did save literally every person in King's Landing from being ravaged by wild-fire at the command of the Mad King. Also a side question - Could Jaime be Azor Ahai? Food for thought.

The next episode airs next Monday and we already cannot wait! All of the above answers we have given are all just our own opinions based on how we have viewed the first episode and how we all think things may pan out in the next couple of episodes. Although the first episode was only less than an hour long, we know from it that there is much more to come in the following episodes. There is still so much left to uncover!

What questions were you left with at the end of episode one? Do you think you can answer some of our questions?

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Posted by: Gaz

Gaz is our on-site expert for all things Game of Thrones. His favorite character is Jaime Lannister, although the main characters may not see the good in him just yet, Gaz is rooting for Jaime to get this happy ending.

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