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Super Mario Maker 2 Review

Super Mario Maker 2 is the newest side-scrolling game and game creation system developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It’s the sequel to Super Mario Maker and was released worldwide on June 28, 2019!

In this review, we will be covering the different aspects of the new game and how it compares to the original Super Mario Maker, as well as our honest opinion at the end. Interested to find out more? Then continue reading...

Story Mode

Story Mode.

Let’s start with the Story Mode. In Super Mario Maker 2, story mode begins just after Undo Dog presses the reset button, completely obliterating Princess Peach’s castle. Mario plays the hero once again, and it’s more than the plumbing that will need fixing! In order to rebuild the castle, Mario has to complete a series of jobs (also known as levels) that are handed out by Toad. If he completes the jobs successfully, he will earn coins which will help rebuild Peach’s castle.

The story mode really does feel like a brand new 2D Mario game in its own right, although it would probably be a little short to be its own stand-alone Mario game, the story mode really does come close with around 8 hours worth of levels to plough through.

After all, Nintendo are the masters of creative level design so it's no surprise that they've pulled it out of the bag in delivering some of the most creative and inspiring levels out there!

Super Mario Maker Comparison

The comparison to Super Mario Maker.

As it's based on retro graphics, the original Super Mario Maker wasn't the kind of game that would age anytime soon. It was deep and expansive with people making all sorts of creative ideas using the tools provided, even going so far as to make binary storage and random number generators!

Although it always felt extensive, naturally there were features that were missing in Super Mario Maker. Super Mario Maker 2 really does go above and beyond, it gives you just about everything you wanted and a bucket load of stuff you never even knew you wanted too.

Even if you don’t have that creative itch you will have a blast with the story mode. Being on a console with an install base already much larger than its predecessor ever had, there will no doubt be countless, more exciting and inventive levels to come!

Favourite Feature

Favourite feature of the game.

The new story mode is definitely a highlight and I would say a definite favourite.

It's nice to just be able to settle down into some quality Mario levels. Yes, the story isn't much to write home about, but that's not the point in this game. The progression feels very nice, the levels are awesome and there's even some witty, almost Paper Mario-esc, dialogue between characters, which is a nice surprise.

Another favourite feature is that the game has the ability to add clear conditions, these are objectives that must be completed before reaching the goal, and can be as simple as grabbing 100 coins! Setting clear conditions can completely change the dynamic of a level and dramatically increases the number of level types players can create.

Nintendo made sure to include design options that were strangely absent for the launch of the original on Wii U, including checkpoint flags and slopes, something that Super Mario Maker never had.

Level Building

Building your own levels.

After being a little hesitant at first about how designing with a controller would actually work, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this turned out to be. It does take some getting used to using the controller over the touch screen controls, but once you figure it out, it’s plain sailing! Being so used to the Wii U controls, anything else just seemed jarring at first but it’s very easy to pick up.

Anyone that played Super Mario Maker will be well aware of some of the diabolical tracks created by other players, but it really is cool to play levels created by other users as well as Nintendo developers that have made levels using the exact same tools that are available to everyone else.

Even if you are a beginner at level building and don’t have much experience, it really isn’t that hard to get used to. It’s pretty easy to teach yourself but if you really can’t get to grips, there are plenty of tutorial videos in the game that help you work through it.


Yamamura’s Dojo.

Talking about help, Mario Maker 2 has a really handy feature that helps players who are struggling and it comes in the form of a bird, a pigeon to be exact!

Yamamura is a pigeon that helps if you are stuck on some of your moves and helps teach how to make levels if you haven’t managed to get the hang of it. They really do a good job of holding your hand, definitely helping to nail down the basics.

Some of the dialogue between the 2 characters teaching you can slow down the pace of the game, I mean it would have been good to make levels whilst learning about enemy placement and proper jump positioning, but maybe taking it slow is a good thing, especially for beginners.

Is there an alternative?

Is there a better alternative to Super Mario Maker 2?

No, Super Mario Maker 2 is all that the original was and more. There is nothing out there like Super Mario Maker 2 other than the original game, and this is far more superior.

Super Mario Maker 2 is an absolute must-buy for the Switch. It takes the original and adds a huge amount of things to it; new styles, new themes, vertical levels, night versions on all levels, multiplayer co-op (although it may not be the best) and a full story mode… I could go on and on, but players owe it to themselves to find out just how great it is themselves.

Is it worth it?

Yes, to put it in as simple a manner as possible, this is likely to be the last 2D Mario game you’ll need to purchase. It’s Super Mario Maker but with more of everything that made the original so phenomenal.

Should I buy this?

Yes, Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the best games out on the Switch and I can’t wait to play and discover even more amazing parts to the game.

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