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Everything We Know About Yoshi’s Crafted World So Far...

Yoshi's Crafted World is the newest and upcoming side-scrolling video game developed by Good-Feel and being published by Nintendo. Yoshi’s Crafted World is the eighth main installment in the Yoshi franchise and is the same Yoshi game that was revealed at E3, back in 2017 and is soon to be released for the Nintendo Switch real soon!


The game is fairly similar to its predecessor, Yoshi’s Woolly World but there are still features that separate the two games. Both of the Yoshi games use the same craft-like aesthetic, Woolly World being made with fabrics and Yoshi’s Crafted World designed out with paper and cardboard, in the style of a miniature diorama. The game is completely new but some features of Yoshi’s Woolly World like the mechanics and its enemies do make a come back in the new game.

How is Yoshi’s Crafted World set?

Yoshi’s Crafted World is set out on Yoshi Island, where all the Yoshi’s live in peace together. On Yoshi’s Island, at the highest peak, sits the Sundream Stone, a gem-set artifact. The gem possesses the power to make “anyone’s wildest dreams come true” and is sacred to the island. All was fine on Yoshi Island until one day, Kamek and Baby Bowser attempted to steal the Sundream Stone… everything went wrong and it sent its gems flying all across the world, leaving Yoshi and all of his friends to try and recover them.

How do I play?

Yoshi’s abilities in Crafted World are just the same as how they were in Woolly World, featuring his famous flutter jump and being able to eat enemies and turn them into Yoshi eggs.

In the game, enemies will fly, run and roll towards you so you need to make sure you are using Yoshi’s abilities to your advantage by eating your enemies. You can do this by turning them into Yoshi eggs and then using the eggs to kill even more enemies and throw them at other objects, exposing all of the hidden treasures and coins that you can collect throughout the different stages of the game.

The game even gives you chance to unlock other parts to the stages like different colour palettes, meaning that you can change the appearance of the Yoshi’s, changing their colour and patterns!

Can I play with a friend?

Of course! If you’re in need of a bit of extra assistance during a certain stage, the game allows two players to play at once both being in control of a Yoshi, a feature you wouldn’t have if you were to play solo.

Our Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo Review


We played the demo for you all and here is what we have to say about it…

When playing the demo, it gives you access to what seems like the first stage of the game and straight away our first impressions were really positive just from seeing the new lay-out and design. It even gives you the option before starting the level to play either the mellow mode, making the game a little breezier and relaxed, or the classic mode, recommended for the more experienced players.

First of all, Yoshi is cute and fuzzy and has a ‘real’ look to him in the game, that being said, so does the rest of the game. The new 3D aspect brings a whole new feel. You are now able to go through the cardboard tunnels, move to the background of the level and even shoot Yoshi egg’s into the distance, revealing all the hidden coins and other treasures.

The game-play overall seems very easy and simplistic, allowing people of all ages to get to grips with playing the game. If you are looking for a challenging or more complex game, I would say that Yoshi’s Crafted World is not the game for you. Many of the puzzles and enemies in Crafted World are a lot less challenging to defeat than other games may feature, which isn’t a bad thing but is sometimes not everyone’s cup of tea.

You can see that customers feedback from Woolly World has been listened to as the game is a great upgrade from Yoshi’s Woolly World in so many different ways.

To conclude our review, after playing the demo stage and watching the trailer for the rest of the stages, the games seems to travel all over different places and looks like it’s going to be a very fun and creative game to play. Even if it seems easy, it’s definitely a purchase to consider!

When can I get this game?

Yoshi’s Crafted World is being released on Friday 29th March and is available to pre-order now from!

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