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Charlie And Lola - The Absolutely Complete Series 3 Box Set DVD

Charlie And Lola - The Absolutely Complete Series 3 Box Set DVD

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Product Description

Charlie And Lola - The Absolutely Complete Series 3 Box Set DVD

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.

Contains the following 3 DVDs in a slipcase:

Charlie and Lola:I really really want actual ice-skates and other stories   Help! I really mean it!  Granny and Grandpa’s cat, Caspar, has come to stay with Charlie and Lola. Lola loves looking after Caspar but keeps calling for Charlie’s help. Her first call is “by accident” but Lola and Lotta quickly discover that it’s quite fun calling for Charlie and watching him come running. Fun, that is, until Caspar is really in trouble and Lola and Lotta really need Charlie; “Help! Caspar is stuck up in the sky, and his hat has gone all wonky!” But Charlie doesn’t believe them. Will Lola and Lotta be able to get Caspar out of trouble all by themselves?   I am making a craze  Everyone is hooley hooping – Charlie, Marv, Lotta… in fact the whole school is hooley hooping, and Lola has had enough. She decides to make up a new craze, but soon realises it’s not as easy as you might think .Until she hits on ‘Cuppy Catch-Ball’   I can train your dog  Marv’s Mum says Sizzles really is a very naughty dog but Lola knows this isn’t true. Sizzle just needs some practice! Charlie and Lola take Sizzles back to their flat and set about “training” him. Things aren’t going well and then they discover that Sizzles will do anything for a sausage. Which is fine until Morten, Marv’s little brother, eats Sizzles Sausage by accident!   It’s raining, it’s boring  It’s raining and everyone is bored, even Sizzles is bored. The toy cupboard is full of boring toys, until Marv finds an intriguing box with an intriguing challenge. The next thing they know, the children are in a ‘rain race’ desperately trying to finish all the games in the box before the rain stops. Charlie and Marv steam ahead, but Lola is having trouble keeping up, and gradually loses interest. Her dot to dot isn’t quite right, and her tiddly wink doesn’t tiddle. Then the boys get stuck on the memory game, and Lola surprises everyone.   I wish I could do that, and also that too  Lola promises to play beads on Friday with her friend from school, but then Marv invites her to his special space party on the very same day! She loves beads and she did promise, but there is going to be games and cake and everything at Marv’s house! What is Lola going to do?!   I can dance like a dancer  Lola is sure that she is an “ever so good dancerer.” But some dancing is a bit too swirly, some is too jumpy, and ballet is too floaty. Mini Reader tries to teach Lola to tap dance but that proves to be too shuffly and not tappy enough. Just when she thinks she will never ever be any good she finds a way of combining all the different dances and coming up with one big special dance all of her own – Lola dancing!   I am extremely absolutely boiling  Outside the weather is extremely and absolutely boiling hot. Lola, Charlie and Arnold Wolf (from next door) try to cool down with fanning, panting and then ice creams. But Arnold takes a rather a big bite of Lola’s ice-cream and the whole thing plops to the ground. To make matters worse Arnold won’t share his, so Lola doesn’t want to be his friend ever again no matter how hot it is! Charlie and Lola play in the garden, but then Arnold appears with a brand new irresistible paddling pool, and asks them to play. Will Arnold ever say sorry? Will Lola ever forgive him?   But where completely are we?  Mum and Dad let Charlie and Lola go ‘camping’ in the garden. Charlie is kitted up like a real explorer, and is all excited by the prospect of wild animals, survival and living off the land, but Lola isn’t so sure. Home seems a long way away, and what’s more it’s started raining! Suddenly the idea of camping doesn’t seem fun anymore and Lola wants to go back inside. Then Charlie has a really good idea.   I really, really need actual ice-skates  Having begged Granny and Grandpa for a scooter, Lola suddenly decides that she now wants a pair of real, actual ice skates. Everyone is dubious. Charlie reminds her she felt the same about her old yo-yo and Dad warns her that he doesn’t want to find the ice-skates in the bottom of her cupboard. But Lola is adamant, she needs actual ice skates because they are sparkly and white, and when she gets them, she will be the best ice skaterer in the whole school. But it’s not quite that simple.   Charlie and Lola:I can’t stop hiccupping and other stories   I CAN’T STOP HICCUPPING  Lola and Lotta are practising their song for the school concert that evening. Then Lola gets a fit of the hiccups. At first it’s very funny. But soon she just wants her hiccups to go away. Everyone tries to help Lola get rid of her hiccups, but will they go before the big performance?   BUT I AM COMPLETELY HEARING AND ALSO LISTENING  Lola thinks that she’s very good at listening. However, she has a very bad listening day and her “not listening” leads to all sorts of problems both at home and at school. When Arnold Wolf invites everybody to his house for a Batcat party, Lola doesn’t quite listen to the instructions properly and Charlie and Lola miss the party! “See! I told you you weren’t a good listener!” says Charlie and Lola has to agree and now become a good listener.   OUR SHOP SELLS COMPLETELY EVERYTHING  Lola and Lotta have got a pretend shop that sells completely everything. They’re having great fun until they accidentally sell Charlie’s swimming goggles to Morten, their only customer. “Well get them back” insists Charlie. “We can’t” bemoans Lola “He did proper paying, with banana chips!”. Charlie is not amused and wants his goggles back immediately. Morten, on the other hand, doesn’t want to swap the goggles for anything.   I’VE GOT NOBODY TO PLAY WITH  Playing Piggy in the Middle with fuzzy pig in a fuzzy felt jungle is good, but you definitely need two people; Charlie is going out, and Lotta has a cold. So Lola has no one to play with.... then she remembers her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson, nobody can see him except for Lola.   THUNDER COMPLETELY DOES NOT SCARE ME  Is there a big hungry giant up in the sky with a rumbly tummy? Or is the sky going to falling down, Charlie? Lola really doesn’t like thunder. Charlie distracts Lola with raindrop races and bouncy hailstones… It’s all great fun until the next big clap of thunder! How can Lola stop being frightened? Who’d have thought that wooden spoons and biscuit trays could be the answer!   I REALLY ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE GLASSES  Lola is going to have her eyes tested at the optician’s but she’s not at all keen. She has tested them herself “…and they are really very clever”. She can see her spaghetti and her bowl and her spoon and her pink milk and Charlie! So she absolutely does not need glasses. Until, that is, Mini Reader arrives at school in the most beautiful pair of glasses Lola and Lotta have ever seen. Now Lola can’t wait to have her eyes tested because she absolutely does need glasses.., and she needs them NOW!   IT IS VERY SPECIAL AND EXTREMELY ANCIENT  Once they understand what a fossil actually is, Lola and Lotta are determined to find one! Charlie isn’t so sure they will. “That’s not a fossil Lola, it’s a lolly stick”. Undeterred Lola searches in her lunchbox, in the sandpit, then mum says they can look in the rockery. They find all sorts of things, but no actual fossils. Then they go to the beach… will they ever find a actual fossil that is very special and extremely ancient?   BUT MARV IS ABSOLUTELY CHARLIE’S BEST FRIEND  Lola gets upset when she witnesses Charlie and Marv ‘play fighting’ and thinks they are not best friends anymore. To make matters worse, someone called Jack shows up who appears to be Marv’s new best friend. How can Lola and Lotta get Marv and Charlie back together again? They hatch a cunning plan… involving pirates!   I AM INVENTING A USEFULLISH INVENTION  Charlie and Marv have to come up with an invention for a school project by tomorrow. Lola reckons that she’s an extremely good inventor too, and keeps interrupting their efforts with ideas of her own. The boys have got to invent something really fantastic and time is running out. Just as they are beginning to panic, Lola the Inventor stumbles on a brilliant idea!   Charlie and Lola: Everything is different and not the same and other stories   I AM GOODY THE GOOD  The ‘Goody the Good’ books are Lola’s favourite. Goody the Good is helpful, and she is good! So Lola decides she will be helpful and good too. At first Charlie enjoys Lola’s help, but it soon gets out of hand when Lola accidently spills pink milk on Charlie’s homework, and tries to help by running it under the tap! Charlie wants the old Lola back and quickly!   WHAT CAN I WEAR FOR HALLOWEEN?  Charlie, Lola, Lotta and Marv have been growing a pumpkin all through summer for the Halloween party at school… and it’s enormous. Everyone has decided what fancy dress costumes to wear, except for Lola. The day of the party arrives and disaster strikes; Bat boy (otherwise known as Morten from down stairs) splatters their pumpkin and Lola now has a double crisis!   BUT WE ALWAYS DO IT LIKE THIS  When Charlie and Lola visit Granny and Grandpa they always build an extremely special sandcastle on the beach… and they always do it together. This time a little girl, followed by her whole family, is determined to join in and Lola’s not too happy about it.   I AM GOING TO SAVE A PANDA  It’s Save An Animal week at school and Lola and Lotta are horrified to learn that all sorts of lovely animals are in danger! Which one should they save? Finally they all agree on the Panda and decide to raise money by getting sponsored to do difficult things. Charlie is going to balance an apple on his head for as long as he can, Marv is going to stand on one leg, Lotta is going to skip and Lola hop. Everything is going to plan and then Lola wakes up with spots all over her face and Mum says she has to stay in bed. How will she save a panda now?   I SLIGHTLY WANT TO GO HOME  Lola is going to Lotta’s house for her first ever sleepover and it couldn’t be more exciting. But, little by little, Lola realises everything is a bit different from her normal bedtime. Lotta watches Ponies on TV, not Pirates like Charlie. And Lotta brushes her teeth after bath time, not before! Even a midnight feast can’t cheer her up. When it’s finally time to put the light out Lola admits she wants to go home. Then she teaches Lotta how to play “I went to the moon” and falling asleep is easier than Lola thought.   DO NOT EVER NEVER LET GO!  Lola and Lotta both love their tricycles but when Lotta is given her big cousin’s bike, Lola wants a big bike too. She gets Charlie’s old one and is delighted. Now Lola and Lotta both have exactly the same big bikes with stabilisers. But when Lola gets to the park, she discovers that Lotta has taken her stabilisers off! Oh Nooo!! Now, Lola has to learn to ride without stabilisers too! And it’s not as easy as she thought…   EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT AND NOT THE SAME  It is the beginning of Autumn term at school, and Lola finds that everything is different. She and Lotta have new sitting places, she has a new teacher, the school smells funny, and the leaves have fallen off of her favourite tree. Eventually, she decides to hibernate and wait for Spring.   I WOULD LIKE TO ACTUALLY KEEP IT  Lola finds a toy rabbit outside her school and takes it home with her after nobody claims it by hometime. Charlie and Lola put up posters of the rabbit so that its owner can claim it back, but Lola eventually decides she would rather keep it for herself.   BUT I DON’T REALLY LIKE THIS PRESENT.  Lola always loves the presents her best friend Lotta gives her, until the HAT! It’s itchy and it has ‘dangly bits’. Even Soren Lorenson, Lola’s imaginary friend, thinks it wouldn’t be too bad if she lost the hat a little bit by accident. It’s only when she really does lose it that Lola realizes her friendship with Lotta is more important. Will Lotta ever forgive her?!

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