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Call Of Duty

Which is the Best?

When it comes to first person shooters, what's the first game that springs to mind? We're going to take a wild guess that it's one of the very popular Call of Duty games or an installment of the Battlefield franchise. However, if you had to pick between the two, which would you choose?

We've taken a deeper look at the history of these video gaming giants with a full list of released games for you to fully feel the nostalgia and to help you make your decision.


Made by DICE and Electronic Arts (EA), Battlefield is a first person shooter with a big focus on large maps, teamwork and the use of vehicles in total destruction and carnage. While the singleplayer is highly rated, many gamers choose Battlefield for the online multiplayer, choosing to play in squads with friends, other FPS enthusiasts and the casual players.

Battlefield Games

Battlefield 1942
September 2002
89/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Vietnam
March 2004
84/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 2
June 2005
91/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 2142
October 2006
80/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Bad Company
June 2008
89/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Heroes
June 2009
83/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 1943
July 2009
83/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Bad Company 2
March 2010
88/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Play4Free
april 2011
68/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 3
October 2011
86/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 4
October 2013
81/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield Hardline
March 2015
72/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield 1
October 2016
88/100 - Metacritic
Battlefield V - Pre-order
October 19 2018

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise originally started on Microsoft Windows with a later expansion onto consoles and even handheld devices. Call of Duty games are published and owned by Activision. However Infinity Ward and Treyarch, as well as Sledgehammer Games, have each developed several titles throughout the series, with releases often alternating between studios. Call of Duty offers a similar experience to Battlefield with the added uniqueness of a ‘zombies' mode which is fun both alone and with a group

Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty
October 2003
91/100 - Metacritic
Call of Duty 2
October 2005
86/100 - Metacritic
Call of Duty 3
November 2006
82/100 - Metacritic
COD: Modern Warfare
November 2007
94/100 - Metacritic
COD: World at War
November 2008
83/100 - Metacritic
COD: Modern Warfare 2
November 2009
94/100 - Metacritic
COD: Black Ops
November 2010
87/100 - Metacritic
Cod: Modern Warfare 3
November 2011
78/100 - Metacritic
COD: Black Ops II
November 2012
83/100 - Metacritic
COD: Ghosts
November 2013
78/100 - Metacritic
COD: Advanced Warfare
November 2014
83/100 - Metacritic
COD: Black Ops III
November 2015
81/100 - Metacritic
COD: Infinite Warfare
November 2016
77/100 - Metacritic
COD: Modern Warfare Remastered
November 2016
89/100 - Metacritic
November 2017
79/100 - Metacritic
COD: Black Ops 4 Pre-Order
November 2018

Battlefield vs Call of Duty Head to Head

Call of Duty
First Release
September 10, 2002
(Battlefield 1942)
October 29, 2003
(Call of Duty)
Highest Rated Game?:
(Battlefield 2)
(COD: Modern Warfare)
Most Copies Sold In First Week?:
3.46 Million
(Battlefield 1)
5.24 Million
(Call of Duty: WWII)
Overall Sales?:
66 Million
275 Million
New Release?:
Battlefield V October 19, 2018 available on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 October 12, 2018 available on PS4 and XBOX ONE

Who Wins?

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