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PS4 - Price Drops

Some retailers will slash their prices without telling you, and by the time you’ve found out – they’ve sold out. We understand how annoying this is, which is why we shout about our price cuts! Check out the latest price drops for our PS4 range.


ItemStockWasNow Saving
Touhou Genso Wanderer PS4 GameLast one!$66.99$35.99$31.00
Dirt 4 Day One Edition PS4 GameIn stock$68.99$40.99$28.00
Styx Shards of Darkness PS4 GameLimited stock$54.99$30.99$24.00
Agents Of Mayhem Day One Steelbook Edition PS4 GameIn stock$55.99$34.99$21.00
Utawarerumono Mask of Truth PS4 GameIn stock$53.99$34.99$19.00
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Legendary Edition PS4 GameIn stock$90.99$71.99$19.00
Valhalla Hills Definitive Edition PS4 GameIn stock$47.49$32.49$15.00
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Limited Edition PS4 GameIn stock$58.99$44.99$14.00
Hitman The Complete First Season PS4 GameIn stock$48.99$36.99$12.00
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PS4 Game + Exclusive T-ShirtIn stock$54.99$43.99$11.00
Just Cause 3 Gold Edition PS4 GameIn stock$46.99$35.99$11.00
Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration PS4 Game (Pro Enhanced)In stock$41.99$33.99$8.00
Torment Tides Of Numenera Day One Edition PS4 GameIn stock$31.99$23.99$8.00
Micro Machines World Series PS4 GameIn stock$35.99$28.99$7.00
Warriors All Stars PS4 GameIn stock$58.99$51.99$7.00
Borderlands The Handsome Collection PS4 GameOut of stock$40.49$33.49$7.00
Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition PS4 GameIn stock$41.99$35.99$6.00
Space Hulk PS4 GameIn stock$24.49$18.49$6.00
Star Trek Bridge Crew PS4 Game (PSVR Required)In stock$56.49$50.49$6.00
Space Hulk Ascension PS4 GameIn stock$28.49$23.49$5.00
Industry Giant 2 PS4 GameIn stock$26.49$22.49$4.00
Assault Suit Leynos PS4 GameIn stock$28.99$24.99$4.00
Dungeons II PS4 GameIn stock$24.49$22.49$2.00
Gioteck Precision Control Pack For PS4In stock$8.49$7.49$1.00