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Assassin's Creed III 3 PS3 Game

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Customer Reviews

by RACHEL on April 15th 2014

Fantastic game! likes: much smoother combats than AC2, beautiful graphics and storyline really good. loved the native american skills and the uses of bow and arrow and duel welding techniques very sick. reminds me of tomb raider abit, enjoyed the pirate battles they were a new experience and so much fun taking out ships. dislikes: didn't have enough time to try and use the pistol and sword becos the pistol takes jazillion yrs to reload, character still not as smoothly controlled as i would have hoped, was hoping for a tomb raider like character control because that was the best for me. but all in all, game is worth a lot of time to play and roam around you shud take ur time it's not a rushed game

by Darren on February 19th 2014

Assassin's Creed 3 is an awesome continuation of the Assassin's Creed series because of its graphics and storyline. I also love how the story is set in that time-period. It provides heaps and heaps of hours of game-time and you'll be in a heck of a ride of one of the best adventures we've seen in the last few years.

by Laurence on August 24th 2013

Assassins Creed 3 has a new character named Connor. He has a native name which is Ratonhaketon and is the main character. The introduction of this game was a bit surprising as i did not expect Connor's dad to be like that. This game is unfortunately the last time we are gonna see Desmond as the character will change in the upcoming game. You got a big frontier which u can do hunting or smuggle cargos. You can also visit New York and Boston but the main addition to this game is the privateer missions. You now have a ship that can be customized and navigated through the vast carribean oceans. Although you can't just drive your ship freely, there is a handful of missions you can do such as destroying pirates' ships. It's a really good thing to add to the series.

by Tomas on July 29th 2013

Another good game from Ubisoft totally recommend it, it's fun and exciting finished about 3 times i love it. The graphics were good as all the other Assassains Creeds. The story line is also good and i think it is one of my favorite Action and Adventure games of all time. I rating it 5 out of 5.

by Brett on June 25th 2013

this the best game of assassin's creed so far and i give it a 5star rating and to people who are wondering about this game i say play this game but if you want to no the story start with number one and once you start playing you will be hooked and want to play the next up and coming assassin's creed game that comes out this year

by Larry on March 27th 2013

assassins creed 3 is a really Awesome game. really had me going through my emotions while playing it. I love the combat system, although using the counter-kill button is still just a "press to win" kind of button, the combat is fluid and fun. I love the double counter-kills especially. i haven't played multiplayer yet but am looking forward to it. My favorite in the series so far. 5/5

by Bass on March 2nd 2013

GREAT GAME! a few bugs in game but other then that awesome gameplay good story and you cant help but fall in love with evey character you meet. Graphics are amazing and the multi player is good to with its own story and great to play with friends highly recommend to any body that enjoys great adventure games with amazing story. thank you NZ gameshop :)

by Jayden on February 25th 2013

this game was great, right from the start when playing with hathem i felt like i was a real assassin and right from the start i was hooked. this game has amazing graphics and visuals and a huge open world to explore in. the weaponry in this game is also great from swords to pistols and hidden blades to tomahawks. although saying this game was great there was still a few let downs...the amount of back tracking you will need to do is quite a lot and can get really repetitive and boring. also Connor the antagonist in this game starts of as a real bad ass assassin towards the end he starts to become a real dick, but minor stuff to what is great about this game.

by Tsim on January 4th 2013

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! I highly recommend getting this game weather you are a fan of the Assassin's Creed Franchise or you are new to the series ( Though i definitely recommend playing the others). Like all the other Assassin's Creed games this has a very interesting story line, as well as Improved Graphics and the most fluid combat i have seen yet. Also the Multiplayer is extremely fun with its own hidden story line throughout it. THIS GAME IS A MUST BUY!!! Thank you NZ GameShop for having such low prices and deals!

by Arrol on December 14th 2012

Overall a very good game. The tree running is not as that great but the naval and sea combat is fantastic. its probably the best sea combat out of any game. the story is alright (although the ending is not very good). the main character is interesting and the voice acting is excellent.

by Joshua on November 24th 2012


by James on November 23rd 2012

Just finished the single player and was very impressed, recently the series has been slipping and started feeling rushed and short but if you are going for full constraint completion you are in for a good challenge. As always the graphics are superb (my favourite is just hunting in the snow you can see your tracks forming behind you). The combat has changed now when you counter you have a choice of throw, kill or disarm allowing more freedom and the animations are pretty brutal. I only have two complaints first the voice acting of connor is very dull he just sounds so dis interested compared to the vibrant characters around him. Second the game series has started feeling less like building up for cool assassinations like AC1 & 2. But if you love the AC series definitely buy and if your new to the series its not too hard to pick up

by INDERJIT on November 18th 2012

Assassins creed 3 is one of the best adventure games made on PS3. best graphics. i like Assassins creed 3 how its based in the old days 1750's. there is a lot of travel in this game. but there is mechanic for fast travel. the gameplay is superb. new character added but is more serious than ezio, Connor Kenway.

by Kieran on October 29th 2012

This looks like another great Assassin's Creed game from Ubisoft. The demo videos and trailers on YouTube make this game look even better. The new features like the duel welding in combat and free running in trees will change the way. How people will play the game. Just these little features make a game that much better. I can't wait to start playing.

by Joshua on August 11th 2012

The anticipation for this game is unreal!... The amazing series brings out another once again!... I cannot wait!... according to the game-play videos up on YouTube I believe this game will be that step the Assassins Creed Series needs to become one of the best game series of our time!<br />(According to game-play videos)<br />Graphics:85/100 Great but could be better (<- in which i bet they will on their final release)<br />Audio:90/100 Really smooth realistic feel to it.<br />Story line:100/100 Like all A.C games it doesn't lack in historical background and an amazing story.

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