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Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game PS3

Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game PS3

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Product Description

Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game PS3

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 delivers a multiplayer experience that continues to raise the bar by focusing on fast-paced, gun-on-gun combat, along with innovative new features that support and enhance different styles of play.

In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, the player defines the experience through masterfully engineered Strike Package and Weapon Proficiency Systems, helping them play through the most intense multiplayer experience available.

Utilizing the integrated Call Of Duty Elite service for the Call Of Duty community, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 introduces new social and competitive features that deliver unprecedented innovation in the multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to connect and Play Together Better. Gamers will be able to access the Call Of Duty Elite console app to check stats, connect with other friends and engage in competition, all via their console. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players also have the ability to identify Facebook friends and fellow Elite members in-game, leading to another level of social and competitive gaming.

All-new Strike Packages:

  • Killstreaks have been redesigned to reward different play styles and skill levels through unique Strike Packages. Completing game mode objectives now counts towards your Pointstreak progression. For the first time ever, kills are not the only way to earn Pointstreaks.

New game modes:

  • Fan favorite game modes make their return (Free-for-All, Team Death, Match, Domination, etc.) and a series of new modes make their introduction to the Modern Warfare series
  • Kill Confirmed: Collect dog tags from killed players. Prevent the other team from collecting yours
  • Team Defender: Grab the flag and protect the flag carrier to increase your team's score

New game modes for private match:

  • Infection: The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
  • Drop Zone: Hold the Drop Zone for Team Points and Care Packages.
  • Team Juggernaut: With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Juggernaut: Kill the Juggernaut to become the new Juggernaut
  • Gun Game: Be the first to dominate with every gun
  • One In The Chamber: Gain ammo by eliminating enemies. Be the last to survive.

Special Ops:

  • Having made its introduction in Modern Warfare 2, Special Ops makes its return in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with a bevy of additions that innovate as a stand-alone mode, but also serves as an effective springboard into multiplayer action
  • Survival Mode: Making its first appearance in MW3, Survival Mode is the new Special Ops mode in which players face wave upon wave of attacking enemies. Acquaint yourself with all 16 MP maps by playing through them on Survival Mode - a great way for players to prepare for online multiplayer.
  • Mission Mode: Mission Mode makes its return, allowing players to team up with a friend locally or online for 16 new time-trial and objective-based missions
  • Ranking/progression system: An independent rank progression system within Special Ops which spans both Mission and Survival based on the rank progression players encounter in multiplayer

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Customer Reviews

by Philip on December 22nd 2015

I'm not one for reviewing things, but when I see great potential wasted, I can't help but say something. That's the exact problem with MW3. Initially it seems like a great game, weapons sound very beasty, graphics are great for a PS3 title, and it has about everything you've come to expect from a Call of Duty game. My favorite new feature is their survival mode, where it's fighting against waves of enimies, which later on get real tough, there's no ending to the assualt, much like Treyach's Zombie modes for their Call of Duty titles. However, this mode was met with a great intial idea but never built upon, never expanded, and so you have little to no DLC, no updates to improve the modes and what you're left with is the desire of wanting more but instead find that requires you to buy their next title aka this game was popped out and forgotten. Since they've abandoned this title, which really makes me mad, I see so many little things that could have made this an easy 5/5 game if only they had spent a little more time tweaking it, etc. I can't say much for the storyline, or anything else, it's a Call of Duty game, you know the basics, and they bring those basics... What they don't bring is variety, creative design or a dedication or devotion to their titles... Infinity Ward have forgotten this game and with it goes so much potential replayability that could've existed. To end this review I'll give an example why I despise the design for the new Survival game mode, despite how much I loved it at first. When you begin you have like no money, then as you progress through the stages you eventually get rich beyond belief, so much in fact there's nothing to spend it on... There's certain "upgrades" and "support" you can get which at first helps to easily drain your funds, but later they prove obsolete both in wasting your money and in providing any help. I would've loved to be able to upgrade my weapons with cooler mods to my guns, like a double drum magazine for my AA12 shotty, or get juggernauts to replace my Riot/Shield squad... or getting a Juggernaut suit for a further upgraded purchasable armor, maybe having the ability to upgrade my turret, or get more of them despite it costing me perhaps 2.5x the amount of the first one. Instead I just pile up my funds with nothing to spend it on and take on impossible unrealistic odds with enemies that take 2-3 headshots to kill, who don't even have helmets on. The enimies never get creative, all they do is get more health where eventually it takes too long to kill them and the fun replayability is lost and the variety is found to be too limiting. No DLC to remedy these issues since the developers want your money not your satisfaction. The game ends up having a cheap, uncreative way in increasing difficulty... Something a tripple A title should never have, it's completely unacceptable. The game itself is nothing but average, it had the potential for a 5/5 if only the developers cared enough to invest their time into making it as such. P.S. it's at a low price, consider getting it if you want to finish the storyline from the 1st and 2nd, but don't expect anything great, otherwise you'll be sadly mistaken and disappointed.

by Laurence on August 25th 2013

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is really fun to play. The single player experience was sort of bad to me because when i played in veteran it wasn't that hard. It's probably the easiest cod ever. There are some points that frustrated me but it's nothing like call of duty world at war. Online is really fun as there's new killstreaks such as the osprey gunner and the prestigious killstreak of all, The M.O.A.B. It requires you to get a 25 gun streak without dying so its really a challenge. Spec Ops is also back and is as fun as it was back in MW2.

by Ashish on August 16th 2013

Didn't think the story was all that in solo mode. However, after the crappy PS3 port of Black OPs...this game was a breath of fresh air. Ran MUCH smoother than that game. They did a much better job porting it to the PS3. Also liked the new killstreak setups. I had much fun with this game when it was released. Definitely made up for MW2's broken gameplay and Black Ops 1's lazy port job.

by Tomas on July 29th 2013

Call of Duty games have always been my favorite and i don't know why but Modern Warfare 3 is one of my top COD games, maybe because its the one i played the most. It has good graphics the story line is average but still fun to play but the Online Multiplayer make up for it. If you are a First Person Shooter type of gamer this is the game for you and even if your not I highly recommend it, its tones of fun. I give it a 5 out of 5. :L

by David on May 18th 2013

The Campaign of Modern Warfare is disappointing but still enjoyable, players are able to pick it up without knowing about modern warfare 1 and 2 . Multiplayer is like modern warfare 1 and 2 and isn't really anything new which isn't a bad thing . The new spec ops survival is fun perfect for people to play with their friends

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Supported Screen Resolution 1080p, 1080i, 720p
Region 2
Genre First Person Shooter
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