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Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game PS3

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Customer Reviews

by Philip on December 22nd 2015

I'm not one for reviewing things, but when I see great potential wasted, I can't help but say something. That's the exact problem with MW3. Initially it seems like a great game, weapons sound very beasty, graphics are great for a PS3 title, and it has about everything you've come to expect from a Call of Duty game. My favorite new feature is their survival mode, where it's fighting against waves of enimies, which later on get real tough, there's no ending to the assualt, much like Treyach's Zombie modes for their Call of Duty titles. However, this mode was met with a great intial idea but never built upon, never expanded, and so you have little to no DLC, no updates to improve the modes and what you're left with is the desire of wanting more but instead find that requires you to buy their next title aka this game was popped out and forgotten. Since they've abandoned this title, which really makes me mad, I see so many little things that could have made this an easy 5/5 game if only they had spent a little more time tweaking it, etc. I can't say much for the storyline, or anything else, it's a Call of Duty game, you know the basics, and they bring those basics... What they don't bring is variety, creative design or a dedication or devotion to their titles... Infinity Ward have forgotten this game and with it goes so much potential replayability that could've existed. To end this review I'll give an example why I despise the design for the new Survival game mode, despite how much I loved it at first. When you begin you have like no money, then as you progress through the stages you eventually get rich beyond belief, so much in fact there's nothing to spend it on... There's certain "upgrades" and "support" you can get which at first helps to easily drain your funds, but later they prove obsolete both in wasting your money and in providing any help. I would've loved to be able to upgrade my weapons with cooler mods to my guns, like a double drum magazine for my AA12 shotty, or get juggernauts to replace my Riot/Shield squad... or getting a Juggernaut suit for a further upgraded purchasable armor, maybe having the ability to upgrade my turret, or get more of them despite it costing me perhaps 2.5x the amount of the first one. Instead I just pile up my funds with nothing to spend it on and take on impossible unrealistic odds with enemies that take 2-3 headshots to kill, who don't even have helmets on. The enimies never get creative, all they do is get more health where eventually it takes too long to kill them and the fun replayability is lost and the variety is found to be too limiting. No DLC to remedy these issues since the developers want your money not your satisfaction. The game ends up having a cheap, uncreative way in increasing difficulty... Something a tripple A title should never have, it's completely unacceptable. The game itself is nothing but average, it had the potential for a 5/5 if only the developers cared enough to invest their time into making it as such. P.S. it's at a low price, consider getting it if you want to finish the storyline from the 1st and 2nd, but don't expect anything great, otherwise you'll be sadly mistaken and disappointed.

by Laurence on August 25th 2013

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is really fun to play. The single player experience was sort of bad to me because when i played in veteran it wasn't that hard. It's probably the easiest cod ever. There are some points that frustrated me but it's nothing like call of duty world at war. Online is really fun as there's new killstreaks such as the osprey gunner and the prestigious killstreak of all, The M.O.A.B. It requires you to get a 25 gun streak without dying so its really a challenge. Spec Ops is also back and is as fun as it was back in MW2.

by Ashish on August 16th 2013

Didn't think the story was all that in solo mode. However, after the crappy PS3 port of Black OPs...this game was a breath of fresh air. Ran MUCH smoother than that game. They did a much better job porting it to the PS3. Also liked the new killstreak setups. I had much fun with this game when it was released. Definitely made up for MW2's broken gameplay and Black Ops 1's lazy port job.

by Tomas on July 29th 2013

Call of Duty games have always been my favorite and i don't know why but Modern Warfare 3 is one of my top COD games, maybe because its the one i played the most. It has good graphics the story line is average but still fun to play but the Online Multiplayer make up for it. If you are a First Person Shooter type of gamer this is the game for you and even if your not I highly recommend it, its tones of fun. I give it a 5 out of 5. :L

by David on May 18th 2013

The Campaign of Modern Warfare is disappointing but still enjoyable, players are able to pick it up without knowing about modern warfare 1 and 2 . Multiplayer is like modern warfare 1 and 2 and isn't really anything new which isn't a bad thing . The new spec ops survival is fun perfect for people to play with their friends

by Clive on April 30th 2013

before the much anticipated release of the 9th call of duty black ops 2, modern warfare 3 was by far the best war game on the shelves and in my opinion it is a much better game than its main rival battlefield 3. mw3 has great game play, graphics and sound. i recommend it to all war gamers.

by James on April 26th 2013

Really Good Game, One of the best C.O.D.'s. Introduced the gun level system which I found really great. Although it does not have bots which I was disapointed with but it partially makes up for it with special ops which has survival and missions. Kinda laggy sometimes on online. 4 Stars.

by Roy on March 3rd 2013

Presentation: 8.0- Typical simplified menu from Modern Warfare 2. Like the previous titles, Game Runs very smoothly no matter how much is on screen at 60 frames per second. Controls are still sharp and responsive. Graphics: 8.0- Decent console graphics exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Nothing to boast or complain about. Sound: 6.5- Generic music, decent, but lazy gun effects (different guns often have similar sound effects). Also a lot of sound effects pulled straight from Modern Warfare 2. Nothing special overall. Gameplay: 7.0- Campaign is average and good for one quick play through ( I beat it in 5 hours on hardened, never to touch it again), the new survival mode is fun with a buddy however the spec ops missions are tedious and boring. Multiplayer is at its worse in Call of Duty with lag on certain game modes (CTF) if your not in the north american continent and certain unbalances however it is still above average, fun fast paced good old modern warfare. Lasting Appeal:9.0- Multiplayer is flawed but still addictive, even if you do bad and rage at the game, you will come back. If you don't have internet (stupid question i know) I would strongly discourage buying this game because the campaign mode has barely any replay value and is very short (4-6 hours). Overall: 7.5 - Above average.

by Josh on January 30th 2013

This game is worth buying if you like shooting games. It is cool to have all new multiplayer maps and new modern weapons. Instead of zombies there a hoards of people you have to shoot that also carry guns. So overall if you like Battlefield 3 and and other Call of Duty games you should definately but it as it's worth the money.

by Adam on December 26th 2012

the games campaign was brilliant, it brought a whole bunch of new game modes and features in multiplayer which has opened up a huge range of new ideas to bring in future series and this is also at a cheap price which makes it all the more worth while to purchase from the site, thanks =)

by Cameron on December 7th 2012

The Campaign of Modern Warfare is great, players are able to pick it up without knowing about modern warfare 1 and 2 and still understand the storyline. Multiplayer is like modern warfare 1 and 2 and isn't really anything new. The new spec ops survival is fun for people to play with their friends and overall is a good game.

by Bryce on December 4th 2012

The game had a great campaign but the multiplayer mode is the same as modern warfare 2. The graphics have got slightly better but there are no differences between the two. I love the missions that you encounter and the way it is related to our world but I was a bit dissapointed.

by INDERJIT on November 21st 2012

call of duty modern warfare 3 is good. but the mulitplayer is the same as hits predesscor modern warfare 2. the graphics were better thats onlything i see which is improved but they modes i like were confirmed kill. and you can make you kd good. the graphics are 4out of 5 and gameplay 4 out of 5.

by Ryan on November 2nd 2012


by Stanley on October 18th 2012

Where To Start For MW3! Let's See. I'm a COD Fan. And Modern Warfare 3 Stands Out The Most Game Wise To Me. The Kill Streaks And Weapon Attachments Are More Lethal And Much More Realistic. You Can Work In Teams To Eliminate The Other Opponents By Working Together With Ease, And Win The Game! COD Points : The One Thing I Love, By Getting Them You Can Unlock More Guns And Attachments To Customise Your Weapon, And By The Number Of Kills You Get, You Can Call For Air Support And Get Yourself A Gun Ship And Take Down Anyone You Choose. COD MW3 Is The Ultimate First Person Shooting Game! Cheers.

by Lyndon on October 11th 2012

I was quite disappointed by this game. I used to very much enjoy call of duty but when I bought this game I played it for 15 minutes and then sold it as I just didn't like it that much. This game is no different in graphics and game play from modern warfare 2 the story is different but that's pretty much it very few changes have been made between modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 3. There is only one part of this game that I didn't mind playing a bit and that was the new survival game mode. I think this game marks the death of the famous call of duty brand, with a game coming out each year with very few differences from the last the franchise has become more of a basic shooter rather than the ultimate war game it used to be.

by Darcy on September 13th 2012

Great enjoyed the game and the spec ops is a good edition, though i thought i could have had better graphics like Battlefield 3.

by Aaron on September 12th 2012

When I bought this game, I was only really getting it for multiplayer, I usually never play the campaign on any Call of Duty's, but when I saw my friend playing the campaign, it looked pretty epic so I absolutely had to have a go at it myself. It was a bit slow at first, but then I absolutely loved it! I ended up finishing the campaign rather fast and going back to Multiplayer but I absolutely loved that campaign. 4.5/5 from me

by Christopher on August 24th 2012

great game i could recommend this anymore as it is much better than battlefield 3 I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. I love the spec ops mode when im offline. Its online game play is fair and good but I still think the guns a vastly overpowered like in Black ops. MUST HAVE

by Jaap on July 20th 2012

the worst cod out in my opinion. not much creativeness with the killstreaks and the maps i think are pretty lame. the guns arent much different to mw2 and cod4 aswell. i think the best cod would have to be mw2 though it annoys me that so many hackers ruin the game by using things like superjump, modmenu, godmode, wallhack and many other stupid things. please, dont hack on mw3 are the only things i can say.

by Josh on July 16th 2012

This is a really cool game it has taken a huge step up from Mordern warfare 2. It follows the campaign and has an all new special ops survival mode. Modern warfare 3 also has new multiplayer game modes like infected, kill comfirmed, drop zone and team defender. This is an awesome game and i would recommend it to all

by Tyler on July 3rd 2012

it is a very fun shooter. i play it alot and i will recommend it to anyone that likes fast paced games.Call of Duty. The name slips off the tongue. It's a staple of the industry, now. Like Mario, Sonic, GTA, Warcraft, most will have heard of it. It's vastly popular, of course, with previous entries in the series still raking in thousands of players on a weekly basis. And there's no doubt it's drummed up controversy in the past, with Modern Warfare 2's 'No Russian' level in particular raising more than a few hackles. It's occasionally easy to forget that once, CoD was the underdog to EA's Medal of Honor, a relatively unknown PC release with a (justifiably) die-hard fanbase and a more thoughtful take on war.

by Jack on June 28th 2012

This is an amazing game. The graphics makes it realistic, but it's the gameplay that is the best. The campaign is extremely fun to play through and challenge yourself through different difficulties. Survival mode and special ops are also two other different modes that make the game what it is. Online multiplayer is probably the most addicting part of the game those. With many different modes you can play through, this is one of the best things about the game.<br /><br />If you don't have the game already, I recommend purchasing this extremely good bargain.

by Emmanuel on June 23rd 2012

I am a BATTLEFIELD 3 fan, but I will give credit where credit is due. The games sports a action packed campaign that filled with everything from covert ops submarine missions to fire fights in an Airplane miles above sea level. I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. I love the spec ops mode when im offline. Its online game play is fair and good but I still think the guns a vastly overpowered like in Black ops. <br /><br />Overall this game is great from MW2, if you are into arcade style shooters this is a game you'll enjoy.

by Shifaz on June 18th 2012

Amazing game and definitely carries on the legacy that is call of duty, however those coming from black ops will find this a difficult transition since treyarch and infinity ward take turns in developing the next call of duty. be open minded and play for fun. this game isnt suited for competitive play due to its increased level of lag compensation.

by Eugene on June 7th 2012

This game is pretty awesome and has alot of features other than the campaign mode. Special ops is pretty good with survival mode and special missions as well as the multiplayer mode. These will keep you busy for awhile especially if you're trying to 100%. This is why I rated it 5/5.

by Keanu on June 5th 2012

This game is alot better than the last modern warfare the online matches are alot better since now there is new game types like infected , drop zone , kill comfirmed , team defender etc ..<br />i will never regret buying this game since i spend fairly enough time on this than modern warfare 2.<br />highly recommend this game to all.

by Yasir on June 2nd 2012

Awesome game. Great fun!

by Mark on June 1st 2012

Never really played FPS as they could not hold my attention but upon picking this game up I have not been able to put it down. Multiplayer is awesome. I have not touched the champaign as I am hooked on the Mutiplayer. Took a little bit of getting used to but once I got started I have not stopped. Highly recommend this game.

by Thompson on May 31st 2012

Incredible game, Best game I've played in a long time!

by Sean on May 20th 2012

Really great game, BETTER than BATTLEFIELD 3

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