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Call of Duty Black Ops II 2 PS3 Game

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by Jasmeet Singhz on November 22nd 2016

Black Ops II is one of the best games of this generation and is a true competitor for game of the year award in my books. Let's face it the game play is epic,the graphics is awesome,the entire game is just epic.From the first mission I knew I was going to enjoy playing it and so far I have not been let down a bit.Once again the Call of Duty franchise shows why it such a worldwide phenomenon because it keeps on creating such awesome and epic games like Black Ops II and one thing is certain the Call of Duty games is going to get better and better Call of Duty:Black Ops II is truly worthy of a solid 10 out of 10

by Jamie on December 23rd 2014

I ordered Call of Duty: Black ops 2 a few months back, couldn't wait to receive it. About 12 days later I recieved it in the post. I'm not sure wether or not that's fast because I do live in New Zealand. As soon as I put the disk in I was in love. Ever since that the game has had nothing negative happen in terms of how well it ran. Will definitely be buying from again. 10/10

by Tyrane on October 19th 2014

Awesome. Do buy it is totally worth it.

by Shaun on September 11th 2014

I played this game more than any other game it was easily my most enjoyable game ever, i remember being oh it costs 110 dollars when i first got it and thinking that was a good price ! well look at the price on this. I say great bargain and great game.

by Aaron on September 4th 2014

Great game! Worth the purchase, and I really enjoy the multiplayer online, loads of fun and a lot of improvements to black ops 1, with the 10 point system and the fact that the maps are actually places around the world! So realistic and a cool feature Treyarch have added in. Highly recommend.

by Matthew on October 24th 2013

This game was great and action packed that offered many hours of enjoyment. A lot of people hate on the call of duty franchise but this game is truly great! The price from this website is also much lower than any where else and i would happily buy it again from here :)

by James on September 25th 2013

REALLY GOOD GAME. Best in C.O.D. series. It brings in a great new selection of class system in multiplayer. It also has many new guns that are very different and actually require you to FEEL the gun and understand it.BUT........ it does get boring after months of playing. Still a great game though. The score-streaks are also really fun to use like the A.G.R. and the DragonFire. 4 and 1/2 Stars.

by James on August 29th 2013

Great game,Black ops 2 is the best game of the serious.With close quarter maps to long range maps with snipers black ops 2 really has it all.There is also an all new create a class in Black ops 2 which changes the game dramatically.With new guns,perks,tactically and lethals you can play how you want.Aslo the zombies is extremely good and has all new maps as well as perks.

by Laurence on August 25th 2013

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is a continuation of black ops 1. Your main character is Mason's son, and your trying to stop the biggest terrorist after bin laden. You then meet up with Sergeant woods, your dad's old friend. As for the online experience, it's not kill streaks anymore it's called scorestreaks. It's a new experience. Zombies are back again and is as fun as ever.

by Tomas on July 29th 2013

I love this game. since I was a small boy Call of Duty games have been my favorite throughout the years, It seems I cannot get over them. I've been playing COD games since the beginning and every one just kept getting better and better it is my favorite game and it will always be my favorite. I urge everyone to give this game a go, everyone who is a fan of 1st Person Shooter games and everyone who isn't. This game will introduce a new story line with amazing experiences, good graphics and a thrilling exciting campaign. I am giving it a 5 out of 5 and i 100% recommend it. And for all you Zombie fans out there buy this game im sure you wont regret it. I didn't.

by Mary on June 21st 2013

call of duty black ops two had it locked in a bag as soon as it released the fact that it was based in the future just drawed every body in it has an amazing set of maps and DLCs and zombies is pure amazing i recomend getting it if you get the chance

by Ben on May 29th 2013

Black ops 2 is one of the most fun games I've ever played. All three main game modes (campaign, multiplayer and zombies) provide so much entertainment for whenever you may be bored! There are always new things to try and new opportunities for Treyarch to show us what they have been up to, especially with the release of DLC's. Definitely worth the money!!

by Judith on May 12th 2013

This game is one of the best call of duty's i have played in a long time, it is a very fast passed game which really tests the players ability. the graphics on the game are incredible and i would really recommend it to players who like first person shooters

by Raju on May 10th 2013

This game is Perfect for me because of the stunning graphics and the game modes. Once you finish campaign you start on online multiplayer or zombies. These game modes are very fun to play when you have nothing to do. So i really recommend you to buy this awesome addicting game

by Clive on April 30th 2013

call of duty games have always been really great and black ops 2 proves just that. black ops 2 is the 9th call of duty game and it is clear that every time a new game comes out improvements have been made. it has great game play, graphics and sound. i would recommend to all war gamers.

by Imani on April 22nd 2013

Black Ops II (2) or also known as call of duty 9 Is an outstanding game with an amazing storyline. Continuing the zombie experience was really fun for me and the guns and killstreaks were really futuristic and fun. I would definitely try it out if you are new to first person shooters or even if you are continuing your journey through the story. Essessntial for PS3! 4.5/5!

by Jay on April 17th 2013

WELL WORTH PURCHASING. I RECOMMEND YOU BUY THIS NOW. Call of Duty Black ops II is the BEST game you could ask for. Hours of gameplay, different outcomes everytime and ofcourse a variety in interesting weapons that can be used in many different combinations. I really suggest that you buy this game now. It's much better than almost every other game, with an eexception of 1 or 2 OVERPRICED games. THE PRICE OF BLACK OPS II HOWEVER IS WELL WORTH THE QUALITY OF THE GAME.

by Ali on April 17th 2013

Awsome game felt like i shouldnt of got it at first thought it looked to futuristic but i love it a perfect game for all them FPS lovers and any body into shooters i love all the new guns and stuff it just a awsome game i just love it pls buy it up.

by Brendan on April 15th 2013

Great Call of Duty game. If you want an engaging single player fps campaign look no further, easily the best story since cod4, and for the first time with a call of duty you can change the story depending on how you play. As always the multiplayer side of things is top notch, fantastic level design and fantastic weapons. I really enjoy going back to this game time and time again, it doesn't seem to get old. And if all that isn't enough for you then try your hand at Treyarch's favorite game mode call of duty Zombies.

by Isaac on January 31st 2013

The game is amazing! Especially if you buy a HDMI cable to upgrade the quality. Zombies is wicked and the Multiplayer is extremely fun! Playing with your mates is even better. The campaign isn't as good as I thought it would be, but it is still the funnest campaign I have ever played. The delivery took 9 working days (Auckland) so that was averagely good. :)

by Josh on January 30th 2013

The zombies weren't as good as I expected, I played zombies once on this game, I thought that they were quite stupid, so now I will play the zombies on the first Black Ops which is one of my favourite games and much better. The multiplayer and campaign looks good though.

by Kelly on January 24th 2013

awesome game . highly recommend people buy it :)

by Matt on January 15th 2013

this is a Awesome game so happy i brought it. way better than MW3 would recommend this game to any one who lover shooters with a good story line and great online multi player experience i brought the care package edition the AR drone is loads of fun and well worth the money.

by Tabatha on January 9th 2013

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 lives up to the hype and is well worth purchasing. I've already spent hours playing mutiplayer with my friends and family. When it comes to multiplayer there are lots of maps and customization options to choose from. As for the single player campaign, it's incredible and I love the very start of the game where you are thrown in to a huge battle straight away. In my opinion Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is one of the most addictive games released. For those of you who like zombie shooters you'll also love the Zombie missions.

by INDERJIT on November 18th 2012

The new Black Ops is the first Call of Duty game with branching story lines - ie where the player can change how the game ends. Have you ever watched an action film, and really invested in a character, and then he gets killed, and thought, 'I wish he hadn't died?' black ops 2 has branching storylines. so you can actually reverse the condition. You can save them, or let them die.â this game would be ranked 1 as best first person shooter game in the world every platform.

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