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Dishonored Game PS3

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by James on May 26th 2013

An excellent game which combines stealth and combat, allowing you to choose your route to the target. The wide range of abilities you can use allows each mission to be different whether you go in like a ghost or a mass murdering fiend. One of my all time favourite games with an emotionally engaging story line and endless re-playability. Would thoroughly reccomend

by Tony on March 8th 2013

I begin this review with an apology â it is to my own regret that it took me so long to sufficiently play this game before I was capable of writing this review. I have always prided myself on never writing a review until I have at least completed the game a satisfactory number of times. I feel that only then can I put a reasonable perspective and objective view to a title. The only exception to this is when a game is crap and a second or third play through is unwarranted. However, with Dishonoured I felt like it was too much of a good thing, like going into a sweet shop as a child, being told that I could have everything I wanted and then being perplexed by nothing other than abundance of choice. Choice in itself is one of the main appealing factors of Dishonoured

by Mason on January 16th 2013

A very good game, highly recommended. Firstly the mltiple ways you can play and complete the game is amazing and makes everything so much more exciting. The environment of the game is beautiful and the AI is more realistic than most other similar games making it an actuall chalenge to finish a level and forcing you to think outside the square.

by Arrol on December 18th 2012

One of the best stealth games ever made. It's also structured in a way so you can play the game in many ways. You have powers that can help you (the jump power is fantastic) and there is also a great story. The graphics are also beautiful to look at and the environments are amazing.

by Vincent on November 27th 2012

a great game. really love the sheer number of ways with which you can go about each of the missions. lethal/non lethal, sneaky/running it straight. using epic powers to blink around, slow time and even possess people. it leads to an awesome with great replay value. Dishonored is definitely worth the buy. A gripping story keeps the game rolling and provides reasons for each of your missions. also love the fact that the game reacts to how you decide to play. for example going non-lethal gives fewer "weeper" plague affected people around the city, a brighter, more positive ending. all in all a great game by bethesda. the stealth aspect of the game is what really shined for me. not too particularly hard but enjoyable all the same

by Jarred on October 22nd 2012

One of my favourite games of the year, not only is it beautifully designed with a fantastic in world experience. It also has a really involving storyline, your decisions also make a real difference, if you go for the stealthy approach you have less guards/rats/weepers and that makes each mission after that so much easier to complete. The only fault I have with it is how difficult it is to do the stealth approach, you can increase your crossbow arrow supply but not your sleeping darts which does make long distance stealth harder. Also, word of advice, when trying to do the steath, DO NOT throw unconcious guards over railings down cliffs or stairs. This can kill them and ruin your Clean Hands achievement.

by Seth on October 13th 2012

This was one of my most anticipated games for 2012 and I am glad to see that Bethesda and Arkane have delivered. If you like Bioshock, Deus Ex or are just looking for an excellent sandbox experience then look no further. Dishonored is already one of my favorite games, it combines a brilliant open world style of gameplay with an interesting narrative. It is such a good game because you can choose how to approach a mission, stealthily or a ruthless killer. It also has tangible consequences to your actions within the game which will affect not only the end of the game but each mission afterward. This should definitely be game of the year in my book.

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