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God Of War III 3 Game (Essentials) PS3

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by Travis on September 20th 2016

I would definitely recommend getting this game for the collection god of war 3 follows the sequal of god of war 2 the gameplay is better. I still found god of war 2 the best 1 the people you fight in this game like Hercules and another hero is made the game more impact def 1 game I recommend to all.

by Tianfu on September 26th 2013

If you don't then you will be missing out on, easily, one of GREATEST games of all time! I thought I was blown away by Uncharted 2. I was but I am even more so with God Of War 3. Unbelievably, God Of War 3 floored me from the 30 minute opening sequence to the mind blowing finale. How did Sony Santa Monica pull this off? The SCALE of this game will boggle the mind and make your jaw hit the floor! When I first played the demo some 3 months ago I was in awe. After having played through every luscious drop of GOW 3 I am spellbound beyond belief. If I could only use one word to describe this game: EPIC! Remember the old home arcade system Neo Geo and SNK's motto for it "Bigger, Badder, Better"? This applies to GOW 3 in spades. Upon first sight of GOW 3 you'll notice that the high def graphics are probably the best, on any system anywhere, computer gaming rigs included. Sony really tapped into the "true" power of the PS3 with this one. Some of the things I saw in this game is making me think it was all a dream because it just isn't possible in games, right? Wrong. Seeing the gigantic titans filling up the whole screen in perfect graphical splendor, on a 50 in. plasma, all the while Kratos is scaling it, and fighting a boss(Poseidon) on it, is completely amazing. Gamers, this is what we live for! The detail of not just the titans, the environments, and the Ghost of Sparta himself, but the minor enemies, such as the skeleton warriors, is astonishing. And seeing 15 or so of these skeleton warriors pile on Kratos and then seeing him violently power them off is unbelievably cool and empowering. It almost makes you feel like a god! The sheer power you feel controlling Kratos and watching him annihilate everything in his path in the name of vengeance will cast a spell over you.

by Laurence on August 29th 2013

This game is the final chapter of Kratos' story as he gets his vengeance towards the gods of olympus. As you progress in the story, you will find yoursel killing well known greek mythology gods such as poseidon, hades and the one and only ZEUS. The ending kinda is boring because i did not expect what kratos have done. All in all its a good game to wrap up the whole series.

by Oliver on April 17th 2013

god of war 3 is the pure definition of a polished game from the graphics to the gameplay the game just runs smooth and leaves you in aw constantly. The opening battle which will make perfect sense for anyone that has played the number 2 and 1 set's up a game that constantly throwing amazing set pieces at you but never seems over done. The combat in 3 has the variety and takes some weapons from the psp chains of olympus to add more depth to the fightinh systems which is welcome. Would recommend to all who enjoy blockbuster experiences

by Nathan on September 20th 2012

i found the art and graphics in god of war 3 stunning, that made for an enjoyable adventure. the combat system is the best out of the trilogy however i found the puzzles were a little to easy and the story line a bit dull, though still rather daring as it you are on a mission to distroy zeus and end having to take down Olympus.

by Andrew on September 1st 2012

Still one of the best looking games this console. And I mean it. It looks great. Fun collectable and tough challenges will keep you coming back for more. Cinematic and exciting its a great game to play in short or long sittings. Also who knows, maybe the lore might help you out on a classics test in the future!

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