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by Darryl on September 30th 2013

I originally bought Mass Effect 2 and realised how epic is was. I then found the need to buy the 1st instalment and was hanging out for the 3rd for a year or so until it was finished. Unfortunately I encountered a flaw when I did buy it. There is one problem which the devs seem to have created themselves (on purpose) rather than overlooked, and that is cross platform save/load functions. This version is PS3 and my other 2 are PC. I actually made a mistake while ordering but thought I should be able to load my ME2 character anyway through the Bioware/PSN link. To my dismay this is not the case, and in fact is blocked to a point. The best part about Mass Effect is that you can start a character in ME1 then play that same character in ME2 and ME3, with your decisions being carried over into the next game. Not having this pivotal part of the game really destroyed my enjoyment but I have ordered the PC version now so I can actually see the flow on effect of my previous actions. I'd STRONGLY recommend getting 1&2 BEFORE playing this as the outcome seems very limited! As a stand alone game, it's alright but not great. The story was a bit weird, leaving an ongoing battle at the start of the game only to return and have things turned on their head at the end was the biggest downside. Combat, graphics etc are all improved further from the previous 2 games though which is a bonus. The other 2 storylines were epic, this one was good until the end. To be fair, I was swearing at the TV when I got to the very end. A real let down for me, but it wasn't that bad compared to other games.

by James on October 7th 2012

The combat is much better than ME2 allowing you to roll and dodge attacks rather than simply running away, there are a lot more weapons now and each Shepard can equip any weapon which allows you to be a sniping biotic if you want. The graphics are cleaner and make you feel more involved in the action. Almost all of the characters from ME2 get a part not all of them are major but its nice to see what happened to them after the collectors. The story feels epic in size, rushing around to try and put an army together in time for the final battle but its a bit of a let down once you get to the end of the game theirs no gigantic space battle which you participate in just a couple of cool cinematics. The endings are disappointing and stops this from being the perfect game as the decisions you've throughout the story don't really seem to effect them. If you liked ME 2 you will love this just download the extended cut for free off PSN to make the ending slightly better

by Andrew on September 8th 2012

Commander Shepard is back. Great game, like the other review not as good as #2, but how could it? Nice closure to the trilogy though, ending a little "off" but it works. Just play it, have some fun. Combat is a lot faster than before and took a while to get used to. Great productions though.

by Tasman on July 8th 2012

Got it a couple of months ago but only just getting around to writing a review now. <br /><br />Was the first purchase i'd made off the site after having it recommended by a friend (the website not the game). Surprised by their super low prices and thought it was too good to be true. Thought i'd give it a shot and was extremely impressed by not only the prices but the delivery time, quality of the goods and how easy the whole process was. <br /><br />Great game btw. Maybe not as good as the second but that's not such a bad thing considering how awesome number 2 was.

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