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Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor PS4 Game

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by Sarah on November 25th 2015

Couldn't put this game down, the gameplay is great - a mix of Assassins Creed and the Batman games but the nemesis system with dynamic events makes it a lot more engaging. The story itself isn't much especially if you read Lord of the Rings, etc - I felt there was a few plot holes, but then I don't really invest in video games for the quality of their writing anyway. Narratively the relationship you have with the orc enemies and how they dynamically evolve based upon your wins and losses is a lot more compelling than the actual story of the game. I also loved how you can play one short mission or play for hours and it was equally as enjoyable. Long story short: It's not for LOTR fans, it's for video game fans. 4.5 stars.

by RACHEL on July 1st 2015

fully enjoyed this game so much! the characters the gameplay the story and graphics are all very beautifully designed and detailed. im glad i got ths game over assassins creed unity! it may have a lot of repetitive combat, but the moves are badass and u have fun with it eventually, also nice to switch to a female character as well

by Ben on March 8th 2015

Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor is my personal game of the year. At first the game seems just like a Midddle Earth Assassins Creed with the combat of the Batman Arkham games but Shadow of Mordor is so much more. The Nemesis system is one of the greatest new gameply mecanhics introduced in A game for a very long time. The gameplay is fantastic & RPG level up system adds depth. A must buy!!!!!

by Roy on February 20th 2015

One of the surprise sleeper hits of 2014, the fighting system is similar to that of the Batman arkham games. You Chain combo hits to access finishing moves. It does get too easy once you unlock a few things mainly the ability to mind control others right in the middle of a battle, able to access said mind control with just 5x combo hits or the fact that you could use it twice in a row. Game itself is very fun, the nemesis system is quite unique in a videogame, you can mess around with it as much as you like, replay value lies in the free dlc test of defiance which you get with the update. Where you get to test your real skills after finishing the campaign, you'll be facing several captains and warchiefs all at once. Shadow of Mordor is highly recommended.

by Stuart on October 8th 2014

Probably the best game I've played on the PS4 this year. It's open world, and yes seems inspired heavily by other franchises like Assassin's Creed and the Batman series of games, particularly for combat - which it easily equals in style. However where Shadow shines is in the new 'Nemesis' system, which really adds a new depth to the game, and a real cost to dying. You're fighting the constantly changing Sauron's army, with Orcs that rank up and gain new attributes and skills if they defeat you, or simply if enough in-game time passes. The majority of the Orcs seem to be randomly generated too, with some fantastic character modelling and an amazing amount of varied dialogue they'll spit out at you. For the LOTR nerds out there there's also a bunch of completionist stuff to do, collecting artefacts and hidden sigils in the map that give you interesting bits of back story in the form of well acted voice dialogue. Various characters you'll recognise appear too, again with some superb voice acting. This game has some real legs to it too, I've played over 9 hours now and haven't even completed 50% of the story missions because it's just fun messing around in the open world. The Nemesis system also creates randomly designed missions to populate the map depending on the Orc captains, bodyguards and warchiefs you've fighting against. You can gate crash a grog drinking party, or dive into one captain trying to ambush another etc. and just generally make yourself a nuisance to Sauron's army. The game has some serious challenge as well. Killing warchiefs or even ranked up captains is not a walk in the park, you will die unless you spend some time researching your opponents and scouting the territory (which is where stealth play often comes into focus). The PS4 version really stands up well too, I've been in battles featuring more 30 Orcs on screen at once without any noticeable slow down or lag. Absolutely a must buy if you've enjoyed the Batman games and are a fan of LOTR, or the Peter Jackson movies. Beware that it is very heavily combat oriented though, you're a Ranger in Mordor and will butcher thousands of different Orcs and die in very messy ways yourself along the way. So if that's not your cup of tea perhaps try something else.

by Callum on October 7th 2014

Amazing. Thanks to fun combat and a mechanically rewarding nemesis system, shadow of mordor is a ton of fun to play!

by Heathcliff on September 30th 2014

This game looks like a hybrid between Assassins Creed and the Witcher, which is not a bad thing the gameplay looks amazing and the story is set in the LOTR universe. Right after the events of the Hobbit so how can you go wrong with that. The graphics also look stunning. Can't wait for it.

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