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by Anne on February 23rd 2017

This game is alright, certainly not too bad for the current price. The start of the game is fascinating - exploring new planets and discovering different creatures is exciting. However, after a while it becomes monotonous; as you grind for resources in order to go to a new planet, where you will then grind for resources to go to a new planet etc. If No Man's Sky just focused on exploration, I think it would be a good game - but as it is the survival elements and resource grind gets in the way. Still, if you're looking for an excuse to turn off your brain and relax for a bit I think it's worth the price-tag.

by Daniel on November 12th 2016

Honestly unless they're selling it for very cheap dont buy it.... Although the ideas are good things get quite repetitive and overall it's not worth the money. The developers also ignored a lot of concerns players thought. So i suggest you spend your money elsewhere.

by Harrison on October 20th 2016

A lot of hate out there for this game because of promises it didn't meet a massive lack of support post launch etc. but considering all that it does have some solid points. I wouldn't recommend dropping full price on it but at around $60 its about right. flying around is great definitely where the game shines. The generated areas look nice just be prepared to grind for resources to make the most out of it

by Chris on September 2nd 2016

Do not waste your money. This game is but a hollow shell of what the developer said it was going to be; there's no meaningful factions, no grand scale space combat (those massive ships that often warp in right in front of you are just window dressing), the galaxy is far from living and breathing; cookie cutter space stations, no trade convoys, broken economy/trade system. Sure there's 18 quintillion planets, but the same repetitive activities on every single one. Then there's the bugs; the game crashing and taking you back to the PS4 dash, resource deposits that magically reappear after you've mined them and then disappear again when you get close, places you've name resetting themselves (but mainly the frequent, frustrating crashes). Not to mention the truly bone-headed design decisions they have made; ships feel and fly exactly the same as each other regardless of size (the only difference being the size of your cargo hold), you're unable to easily go back to a cool planet you have encountered due to a frustrating galaxy map, autopilot stops you from crashing your ship on a planet (which also means you can't land accurately) - i could go on. I kept playing for over 30 hours, waiting for it to get good, but you see the whole game within the first 3 hours or so. Those first 3 hours are fantastic, i'll admit that, but then the repetition sets in, the cracks start to show. It's vast, but boring. It's an indie game, by a small indie team, and it should have been priced accordingly, certainly in it's current state. A billion miles wide, but only an inch deep - certainly not the game that the developer said it would be. Wait for a price drop, for the developer to patch in the missing feature and fix the bugs, or just avoid entirely.

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