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The Order 1886 Game PS4

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by Brynn on December 6th 2015

This game has amazing graphics and a well told story. The game plays as a repeatative cover base shooter (which might get annoying) and plays out as an interactive story. The game will take you around 5-7 hours on your first play through and depending on the difficulty you play it on. The game is not bad, though it does have its flaw like the terrible ending and far too many QTEs but for me the biggest disappointment would be that you never really fight against werewolves, instead those fights are replaced with boring human waves or a werewolf fight that is just a QTE. Keep all these in mind when playing The Order 1886

by Ben on March 8th 2015

Ready at Dawn have created an amazing atmospheric world. The graphics are breathtaking & help create a very cinematic experience for the player. The cover base shooting is solid, however the gameplay can be very repetitive & the half breed battles are a little disappointing. Overall The Order is a great experience that every PS4 player should own.

by Karam on March 7th 2015

Not a bad game like everyone trying to make it actually, i recommend it for 3rd person shooters fans, it has a lot of action, intense gun fights, good story and cool weapons, yes it is linear and got some slow paced parts but over all it is an entertaining game if you are into that kind of games.

by Reuben on February 26th 2015

Don't let yourself jump on the negativity bandwagon thats going around in gaming reviews etc. This game is high selling for a reason. The quick time events is so exaggerated in the reviews, there aren't that many of them by comparison to the third person shooter run and gun parts. If Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls have a market at 99% quick time events then they can lay off 1886 having just a few here and there. Its visually stunning and an engrossing story. The length of it may only be 12 to 15 hours but it leaves you wanting more rather than just wanting to finish it already like some games. Not to mention its a very cinematic experience and a lot of work goes into it, you wouldn't expect it to be as long as games that are set up so you can just sandbox run around for hours. Destiny has no story and so many reviewers praise the pants off it. I hope anyone who loves a good story, in this case a very nice steam punk league of extroadinary gentlemen feeling, with lycans thrown in, you should definately give this game a go. The graphics and detail are second to none and have you taking in the sights and feeling like you are in the story. Definately one for the collection, for anyone who appreciates the work put in for detail and story :)

by Roy on February 20th 2015

Another next gen disappointment, if you like games similar to heavy rain but with a bit of shooting on the side then you'll like this one. But for the rest of us who expected something entirely different, the order is a very limited restricting single player only experience. You can only shoot when it lets you shoot, run when it lets you run. The whole game basically hold your hands with quicktime events and action prompts. Then there are the seemingly hundreds of cutscenes, there will be a cutscene for even the smallest response, open a door, there will be a cutscene, climb onto a roof, cutscene, jump down a roof and surprise surprise cutscene, they dedicate entire chapters just to cutscenes alone. They might as well call this an interactive movie. The only saving grace for me is the beautiful look but don't touch visuals. But other then that its a letdown. Lets just hope uncharted and bloodborne, the only other ps4 exclusives coming this year does not disappoint.

by Dom on February 3rd 2015

Not a fan of shooters personally, although I am partial to Fallout and Borderlands. But the Order 1886 has got a good art direction that just screams out to me. It looks different to the standard fodder that's been plaguing 2014, should be a great game. The pre-order guarantee kind of swung it for me to order here at least I know I'm not gonna get ripped off!

by Pat on February 3rd 2015

I have high hopes for this game. Can't wait to own it. There hasn't been much said about this game and I think the characters sound awesome. I don't think it is going to be another Destiny, all hype no content. At this cheap price I will be a happy gamer!

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