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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Day One Edition PS4 Game

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by Cameron on July 24th 2016

Perfection. Great series, does very well in portraying the universe from the books. This game is a must have for your collection, it is a masterpiece and easy to become immersed in. The quests and side quests never felt stale, despite there being a seemingly endless amount of them. The amount of care detail of the characters and dialogues is superb. This is how a game should be made.

by Brynn on December 14th 2015

Got Game of the Year for a reason. The Witcher 3 is the most beautiful game out right and will take you 30+ hours to finish. You do not need to play the other Witcher games and there is a great opening tutorial that introduces you to the world. Stunning sword fighting, an amazing story and great content with the game including the soundtrack, world map and a booklet letting the player know a little bit about the characters.

by Sarah on November 29th 2015

This game is immersive, huge, and probably has the best fantasy story of any game released on PS4. The developers have been releasing heaps of updates and patches for this game, and you can even get a bunch of free DLC quests and aesthetic updates they have released on PSN, they really went above and beyond maintaining this game after launch. They also give away the soundtrack and stickers with each copy of the game. Though beware that this game is huge, takes as long as Skyrim or Fallout, so unless you have a lot of spare time you will be playing this game well into next year.

by Jill on July 28th 2015

Probably one of the best games I've ever played. Everything from the story to the gameplay to the free DLC makes this package so much sweeter. You don't need to know any of the previous Witcher story to enjoy this game, and I would recommend it to all RPG fans.

by Carl on June 11th 2015

Beautiful game. fantastic art and design elements. combat handles well. the story is very immersive and one of my favorite parts of the game is that the side quests are stories in themselves, not just collect 5 of this, kill 5 of that, and the side missions have full on cut-scenes so they don't feel tacked on. but more like you are actually accomplishing something in the game world. the game constantly amazes with how immersive the world is I even got picked out by a barber as a return customer once. NPC's and quest givers seem to have unique personalities also which is nice. CD Projekt RED (developer) has also been really helpful with game support and listening to the community.

by Roy on May 25th 2015

Having just finished this game after three days of long hours staring at the tv, this is my conclusion, this is a historic accomplishment in gaming history, its immersion, atmosphere, character development makes others in its genre such as the elderscrolls series and even the dragon age titles pale in comparison. The Witcher 3 raises the bar for all fantasy RPG's to come. With a ridiculous number of fully fleshed out cut scene and all side quests for you to undertake, a series of convoluted main story missions, it all becomes overwhelming at first, just when you think you are near the end, turns out, you're not. With this being the console version, the occasional technical hiccup (framerate drops, stutters, sound skip etc..) does occur, but its not game breaking. If you are even remotely interested in a rpg or a game rich in story, then you GOT TO PLAY THIS. Even if you're not, do yourself a favor, at least rent it, borrow it or wait a few months until you can get it cheap and try it out. This is something every gamer should experience.

by Daniel on February 2nd 2015

The first game in the Witcher series, although it is starting to show its age now, was groundbreaking for its time. The second installment managed to improve on the shortcomings of the first game, such as the combat, and also crafted an excellent story. I've wanted the series to go open world ever since the first game came out, and I can't wait to get my hands on Wild Hunt.

by Jake on September 29th 2014

This game looks incredible. After doing research on the games, having not played the first two - it looks awesome. I've even ordered the first two books (They were made in the 90's!!) This game has a great back story, Witchers begin at childhood for their training, only 40% of the subjects actually survive their final trials. As far as i know, they aren't doing that process anymore, so you are one of the last remaining. You are commended by the others, and known, as 'The White Wolf.' I can't give a 5 star, i havent played yet - but it looks fantastic. Play this game - I'M GETTTING IT!!

by Aaron on August 11th 2014

Am very excited about this. I am primarily a console gamer ( Only playstation ) so have yet to experience a Witcher game although i did know of them, and was a little jelly that they wernt on the PS systems. So when i heard the Witcher 2 was going to go to the PS3 i was ecstatic, only to have to my ecstasy shattered by the announcement it was no longer going to be released on the PS3. Enter the Witcher 3, and the hype has just grown and grown and grown! This was the first game i have preordered for the PS4 and cant wait for my first foray into Geralt of Rivia world and experience it finally! Hypermania lvl: â. Id say shut up and take my money, but you already have it. Wake me when its delivered ;)

by Ricky on July 22nd 2014

I've been playing The Witcher 2 over again in preparation for the release of The Wild Hunt, and I can say this: CD Projekt RED really know what they're doing when it comes to creating an immersive experience. If you're a fan of 3rd person action RPG titles, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. And at the price nzgameshop offer, why would you get it anywhere else!?

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