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by Michael on February 10th 2015

I feel as if Watch Dogs gets a bad wrap, but that is probably due to it being over hyped. The main storyline is a bit boring and repetitive and some of the weapons are over powered. I absolutely love Online Hacking and invading somebody's game and hacking their data, watching them run around trying to find you.

by Conal on August 18th 2014

A great game all round, and much better on PS4 than on PS3. The next gen graphics make a world of difference, and make gameplay truly immersive. The story lines and characters are very engaging, but what truly sets this game apart is just how massive it is. There is so much content and so much to do in the open world of Chicago. A couple of small criticisms about the game: Firstly, driving is quite challenging. Each vehicle handles and drives very differently, which is great from a game realism point of view, but it does make driving very challenging in game, and in my opinion, too challenging. Driving becomes a skill you have to master if you want to successfully evade enemies. Furthermore, you need to learn the subtle differences between driving, say, a sports car and a performance car. Each handles differently and each has it's own stengths and weaknesses. While this adds another layer of strategy to the game, it does make the game a bit more difficult. In my opinion, the game could be improved by making driving a little easier. Secondly, I believe the game could make better use of the "reputation" bar when it comes to hacking. When you profile the general public, you get little snippets of information such as "Volunteers at soup kitchen" and "Participates in human trafficking". Yet there is no consequence to hacking and stealing money from either person, i.e. both are treated equally in terms of consequence. I believe that you should have a consequence in the form of a reduction in reputation for hacking people who do good (soup kitchen volunteer) and an increase in reputation if you hack people who do bad (human trafficker). I guess this may raise some issues around what the developers class and good and bad, and some people may be annoyed by an "enforced morality" but I think it seems a bit weird to be able to hack obvioulsy good people in the game, and have it treated the same way as obviously bad people. Aside from those two aspects, the game is amazing and is definitely one of the highlights of Ubisoft's gaming stabel. I have yet too finish it, but I am really looking forward to the sequel. Like the first Assassin's Creed, I think it can only get better from here.

by Brynn on July 18th 2014

This game is good but very dissapointing.The trailers made this look so much better,showing that you can run away from police by hacking into trains and making them explode.This was set back to make the graphics look better and to be honest,they dont look better.The faces look average and the hair seems stiff.The story of this does get better and you do get used to the controls but i'm glad i just rented this game instead of buying it

by Spencer on May 18th 2014

I've played it exclusively and it's AMAZING!!!! I'm so pumped the story is in depth and unbeaten

by Dean on April 20th 2014

This game looks so amazing, i cant wait for it to come out, its going to be far better then GTA V in my opinion, went out and purchased a brand new Playstation 4 just to get this game, counting down the days now for it to release, not long to go.

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