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Call Of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3 Game Xbox 360

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by Finnbar on November 2nd 2015

A worthy successor to the Modern Warfare franchise, but not exactly trailblazing. The campaign was a nice book-end to the MW saga, and the multiplayer was serviceable. MW3's multiplayer introduced the "Specialist" system as well as the "attack" streaks and "support" streaks. These were big additions that have helped shape the CoD multiplayer. MW3 was a good CoD, it just wasn't the best.

by Paul on October 16th 2013

What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all those gamers who applied to be in the military and didnt make it in or you are someone who just dreams about being special operations comando, then this is the game for you. For some reason the Call Of Duty game franchise allways come up with a real great game and this one is a great one. Call of Duty Modern warfair 3 allows gamers to experiance everything from CQB (close quator combat) to using predator drones and calling in air strikes or being a sniper. The great people who develop the call of duty games must have gone to the Us and Brittish military to ask them for to use all todays state of the art fire arms that doays spcecial operations comandoes use. I enjoyed playing this game and I am sure you will to.

by William on June 5th 2013

This game is fun if you enjoy bad spawns and getting killed strait if those spawns, but game modes such as infected make this game a fun game to fall back on and relax. It also has very good servers for you, even if like me your internet isn't the best. It is a good follow on career mode also but not as good as previous modern warfare's. 3 stars.

by Taylor on May 21st 2013

Awesome game I have had over 15 days gameplay online and still not bored of the game there are still a good amount of people playing the game online on the other side of things the campaign I thought wasnt the best out of all of them but other than that I love the game!

by Charles on December 12th 2012

good game game love the campaign treyarch has done well once again

by Aaron on November 25th 2012

CoD is one of those games that you know is always going to be A top notch online experience and well guess what ? ... It Is ! They Did However Make The Campaign Easier then the rest to complete on veteran ( Besides Infinite enemies re-spawning ) The Ending By Far was really amazing, and besides all the hate online, This is one hell of an enjoyable game for all the COD Players !

by Michael on November 4th 2012

This Game is absolutey fantastic, Spec ops has made an awesomne return, the campaign is varied, but a tad short, and multiplayer delivers with tons of game modes and maps. Loading times online are quick, and once you get used to quick scopers and trigger happy noobs, you'l be loving it.

by Azeem on November 3rd 2012

Call of duty modern warfare 3 is a great game. It has great graphics. The lightning is done greatly. The storyline is very interesting, one that you would play for hours without getting tired. The multiplayer is my best mode in the game. So if you are a call of duty fan I recommend you get this game. 5/5 Stars.

by Alistair on November 1st 2012

Modern warfare 2 was good, but MW3 is even better with its new game modes, an awesome and epic campaign mode along with great new guns and some classics from mw2. Now with the new call of duty elite you can manage your stats, look at your kd ratio and buy new maps. Would recomend to any gamer Xbox 360 or ps3. Overall one of the best games i have played. Like most other infinty ward games it has set a new standard for gaming. Enjoy the game, have heaps of fun and just a good shoot em up. Join the millions already playing for a great gaming experience.

by Seb on September 26th 2012

Awesome game!!! played countless hours and still enjoying it. I recommend it to any one who wants to play a great first person shooter with an awesome online multiplayer featuring great perks, guns, killstreaks.... the list goes on. For me the game never gets boring and has a great campaign which is really fun.

by Maurice on August 30th 2012

Better game than Modern Warfare 2 in that i don't have to kill civilians in campaign mode to play the whole game. Better game than Battlefield 3 Xbox360

by Doug on August 17th 2012

Awesome game at an awesome price! The Multiplayer componet of the game will get you hours after hours of game play and you will never get bored. The campaign was pretty good also. the only reason I dont think this game is worth 5 stars is because it is the same as all the other call of duties!

by Justin on August 7th 2012

Definitely a title that lives up to it's name of COD and more importantly it's prequel COD5. It has loads of hours of game play packed into it from the many modes and new spec ops maps as well as a new survival mode fighting hordes of enemies! It has very new and dynamic multiplier maps and great new kill streak bonuses including support , assault and specialist which all support different types of play styles.

by Jayden on July 11th 2012

Super awesome game !!! i love it multiplayer is amazing it the kind of game the will never get old and and that you will always keep coming back to campaign is good also. on a down side it is pretty much the same as MW2 so it pretty much a $50 update but other than that AMAZING!!!

by Justin on July 3rd 2012

If you play COD then buy this. Single player is great, but defiantly not as mind-blowing as the first two games, but multiplayer is where the games strength lies. Multiplayer is fast-paced and addictive. It includes new guns and killstreaks and plenty of other new stuff. The only downside is it's gameplay is a bit similar to the first two. Still it is a great game not to be missed by 1st person shooter fans.

by Que Khai on June 23rd 2012

WOW great story loved the campaign were this game fails epic fail is multi player all the modders and hackers ruin the experience and infinity ward has let us down they need to put a permanent ban on violators oh well the maps have a lot to be desired not near as good black ops another let down was no 3d black ops supported 3d and my kill death ratio was better if infinity ward dont fix the issues ill pass on there next game the visuals are nice slight improvement over mw2

by David on June 14th 2012

Call of Duty is one of those games that you know is always going to be top quality. The campaign carries over from the previous 2 titles and is extremely enjoyable and action packed, if not a tad on the short side. The game also introduces the thrilling new Survival mode as a direct competitor to Treyarch's hugely successful Zombies mode. Then there is also the extremely addictive and face paced multiplayer which we have all come to love (and hate) at times. All in all, this is excellent value and it isn't hard to see why it is consistently the number one played game on xbox live!

by Nick on June 12th 2012

If you've played either of the previous Modern Warfare titles, you'll know what to expect from this one! The campaign picks up almost immediately after the cliffhanger of MW2. The multiplayer is again very similar, A lot of fun and a ton of different objective matches keeps this game fresh and interesting.

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