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Call Of Duty 9 Black Ops II 2 with Nuketown 2025 Map Game Xbox 360

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by Matt on May 19th 2014

im still playing this game it is so fun no matter if your good or bad you have fun trying different game modes and all the new guns and camos black ops 2 bring to your ps3/xbox nuke town is a very fun map to play on and nuketown zombies is even better

by Cormac on March 24th 2013

Great game but more of the same. Bit of a fan of the story line and its great that theyve added in more multiplayer game modes such as party mode and 'sticks and stones'. The online zombie mode is different but difficult to find a decent server if you can ever connect at all!

by Andrew on March 24th 2013

I would recommend this game to many people because of it's high graphic level and excellent guns and maps. I really enjoy the zombies part of COD: Black ops 2 with the DLC maps (Downloadable content). The Multi player DLC maps that i know of are Nuketown 2025 and Hydro. The zombies maps I know are Nuketown zombies. Enjoy the game and thanks for reading :)

by Joshua on March 14th 2013

I like this game alot its my favourite call of duty yet, for me its changed alot the zombies is an amazing thing in this game playing with your friends is great offline or online the guns are not overpowered a tiny bit, this game is my fave first person shooter out there it dominates quite alot of hours in my day the only way it can be improved for me is if they release the dlc packs a tiny bit faster, i reccomend this game to all the first person shooter fans, i like it and no ones gonna change my mind :D

by Coel on March 12th 2013

this game is epic, the fact that its based in the future means it will will give major opportunity for the cod enterprise. this could be the turning point for a newer type of gameplay. i think that this will not be like anything we have seen in the previous cod games. not from a gameplay perspective at least, but from the new types of weapons we will be using and also the different terrain we will be fighting in. freaking epic!!!

by Chris on February 9th 2013

Well worth the money, endless fun on zombies and a great multiplayer.

by Patrick on January 29th 2013

Nothing new really. If anything a bit of a step backwards in my opinion. The campaign was as average as ever. The zombies was slack, not nearly as much as Treyarch promised. The multiplayer is broken, they've made assault rifles, lmgs and shotguns essentially useless against certain smgs and sniper rifles. It can be really fun sometimes if you're not in a lobby full of douches, however you are stuck with them mostly so the experience is pretty poor.

by Rebecca on January 27th 2013

well i would just like to say that i love this game so so much. can not stop playing it, my favourite COD game so far!! it is also a really really great price here. i have recommended it to all of my friends and they love it as well. definitely worth getting!

by James on January 1st 2013

Awesome game was well worth the effort to buy.I use it all the time and I got it very cheap of nzgameshop luckily as they sell there games cheap.the game is in excellent condition was not damaged in postage and is brandnew and has no faults with the game.

by Jay on December 23rd 2012

Great game. But its the same old. The franchise has reached its peak on where the game has just gotten boring. There is some new multilayer ambitions but not enough to make me play this all year. I think the zombies is ok. The campaign is aright but its only six hours soo.. Thats it.

by Daniel on December 20th 2012


by Connor on December 7th 2012

this game is a very intresting one it shows great caracterisation it has one of the best story lines out of all these sort of games and the wepons in this game are the best of the best you can choose just about anything and fight for the good of your nation it is 100% mean call of duty meet its peak during black ops but now they have taken it to the next level or so the zombies on this is very good if you enjoy war games and like fighting the COD black ops 2 is a game for you

by Bobby on December 5th 2012

this game is way better then call of duty modern warfare 3, i have played it in my my mate house and according what i saw on it is great, if you play this game you wont touch the MW3 again, the maps are very good and the game story was good tile i played. looking forward to get it soon afteri buy fifa 13.

by Luke on December 3rd 2012

Call of Duty reached its peak with black ops 1. Now with the recent realeas it all seems to be the same, with tiny changes in maps. The gameplay is always the same. The graphics change slightly each year. But is this worth it? No. Call of duty black ops 2 is just modern warfare mixed with black ops 1. If there was a reason to buy this it would be the great campaign were your decisions will effect the end of the game. But the multiplayer, which I presume is what most are interested in, has not changed at all besides different maps and guns. Only worth buying if you're a hardcore fan of the series. Otherwise give this game a miss. As well as the rest of the series.

by Gerhard on December 2nd 2012

The shipping was on time and it was in perfect condition. I am very pleased with the game and with the price.

by Jacob on November 29th 2012

just ordered the game and am so excited!! cannot wait for it to arrive as i have heard so much bout it and my friends say it is epic! having in the future brings better technology and gadgets that can be used in gameplay. looking foward to playing mutiplayer and zombies!! it is great that i got it for such a low price as i didnt have to spend longer saving up.

by Shaun on November 26th 2012

Way better than the fist one!

by Aaron on November 25th 2012

This Game by far is Amazing, i see other peoples comments saying its just the same or is just like another, but it isnt, i would recommend this game to all the COD lovers out there. Theres Not Much Lag on MultiPlayer as well as the Campaign is set up Great, i personaly think this game is one of the best so far in the series, Keep up the good work !

by Timothy on November 24th 2012

IGN gave it a 9.3, So naturally thought why not. Turns out the story is actually pretty damn good, and then online play, while it feels similar in some ways, in most others, it's completely different and a welcome change. The new and refined zombies mode also stands up pretty decently on it's own. A must buy for call of duty fans!

by James on November 19th 2012

I got this game just today because i pre ordered but it was worth the wait because from other game shops it is a lot more expensive. If u owned black ops 1 or mw3 just think about black ops 2 like they got mw3 right. it is a very very fun game and there are lots of game types to suit everyone. thnx nz game shop!

by Prakash on November 19th 2012

Im from wellington and i got this game within 7 days. Everything works fine and i love the nuketown 2025 dlc. This is a very good game and i think it is way better than the first black ops. Zombies is so much fun. I recommended everyone to buy this fun and entertaining game. I will buy more and more products from this company. Highly recommended. :)

by Gage Tizane on November 19th 2012

after all the big hype behind this game is was NO good. they have dumb-ed down the game taken away all your recoil, so now when youve got a better gun thats it no skill needed. there were no real changes either. they changed the lay out and added a few new maps but other then that its just the same game now in noob form nice and easy for all the young players but no good fro anyone who is over 12. sorry to say this was the worst game this year.

by Troy on November 17th 2012

mean game im looking to getting in to it

by Dean on November 16th 2012

The game is taking a long time to get here (release date 13th Nov, now its 17th) and I still dont have it, but at least it was cheaper then most places anyway. But I'm really looking forwards to playing it when it arrives because everyone who has it says its amazing!

by Avi on November 13th 2012

Black ops 2 is going to be one of the best games out this year and i am really looking forward to it. Nuke town 2025 is going to be awesome as it is one of the most funniest maps to play, I am also looking forward to zombies and the new kill streaks. THIS GAMES GOING TO BE EPIC

by Satheesh on November 11th 2012

This will be one of the best games of 2012. As Treyarch have worked hard on this game and it looks absoloutly epic. Zombies and Multiplayer looks INSANE! I heard that there will be rankng up in zombies as well! which is Epic. Pre ordered it and cant wait to play it!

by Suhail on November 11th 2012


by Naomi on November 9th 2012

I am a great first person shooter fan who owns pretty much all the games you can name. This game looks stunning, the graphics, the gameplay, the multiplayer, even the campaign looks amazing! I can not wait till this is out and certainly can NOT wait till I can play nuketown zombies.

by Alistair on November 7th 2012

Cant wait for black ops 2, black ops 1 was amazing and black ops 2 looks even better! The graphics and new kill streaks and guns along with maps look awesome! Highly recommend to anyone wanting a great game and looking for a fun time, another legend from treyarch is coming

by Jack on November 6th 2012

Really. Can't. Wait.

by Mathew on November 3rd 2012

This game is going to be great i havent got black opps the original but ive read the reviews and this looks like a great game compared to mw3. Also cant wait for the zombies i reakon they look mean overall i cant wait for this epic game to arive!!

by Azeem on November 3rd 2012

I would recommend this game to all of you. This is the best call of duty game I have ever seen. The graphics are the best of any call of duty game. The characters look interesting. The storyline also looks like you will play it for hours. The multiplayer is the main reason why I will buy this game the day it comes out. Overall I rate this game 5/5 Stars.

by Mohammed on October 29th 2012


by Cody on October 29th 2012

I have been anticipating a lot for this game i loved Black Ops 1 so i bet i will love the sequel i have seen preview trailers and heard information leaks and i think with some of the features in this game it will be amazing i looking forward to all aspects of this new edition of COD whether it be Multiplayer, Zombies or Campaign, i even heard there is gonna be a Zombies campaign its gonna be so sick!!!

by Kelly on October 24th 2012

Can't wait to play this game!!! I can't wait to play the campaign, verse the bots and most of all multi-player. With all the vehicles it looks like its going to be epic. This, Halo 4 and assassins cree III are going to be some of the top games this year and I will be getting all three.

by Tom on September 4th 2012

why do they focus on campaign when virtually no1 plays it????

by Casey on July 31st 2012

This game is going to be so good I cant wait to get it!!! I bought black ops and i found it so awesome. Zombies is the best and as long as they do that properly then i will enjoy this game. Hopefully this is going to be a new step in right direction for COD.

by Lewan on July 3rd 2012

Was anyone was surprised by this? SGDY same game different year. This is just another remake with minor changes. The graphics are still bad and now everything looks brown, yuck. Still the game is far from bad but they really have to stop doing this. The campaign has set pieces even more than before so your barely playing the game just watch the E3 presentation. He almost dies by set pieces about 30 times but every time just escapes. Anyway if you own another COD game don't bother with this and if you don't have a COD game just buy a cheaper one not this, there pretty much the same. Still, not a bad game by far.

by Max on June 27th 2012

I like the first Call Of Duty Black Ops (cod bo) because of the zombies it is the greatest part of the game for me it sounds stupid fighting endless amounts of zombies but I find it very fun and competitive I hope it is better than the first one!

by Brent Paul on June 22nd 2012

Im i Huge COD fan and this game is going to be amazing, being based in the future has created a whole new outlook on weapons and graphics. It has now given infinityward activision a whole you opening and they can now continue making thses awesum games cant wait to play this online and the game it self.

by Nicholas Leigh on June 9th 2012

this game is gonna be epic, the fact that its based in the future means it will will give major opportunity for the cod enterprise. this could be the turning point for a newer type of gameplay. i think that this will not be like anything we have seen in the previous cod games. not from a gameplay perspective at least, but from the new types of weapons we will be using and also the different terrain we will be fighting in. freaking epic!!!

by James on May 22nd 2012

its going to be mean!!

by Sam on May 6th 2012

worst game ever!!!!!

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