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Dragons Dogma Game Xbox 360

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Customer Reviews

by Sean on December 8th 2012

Wow. When i first saw this game i didn't have high expectations but as soon as i started playing i knew it was going to be great. The battle system is fresh and keeps you involved in the game, no getting bored half way through. the pawn system is great innovation but they are quite annoying in regards to speech through out the game. Have started out on my second play-through and recommend this game highly

by Azeem on November 8th 2012

Dragons dogma is a great game one that you will find yourself playing for hours. It has great awesome looking graphics. The sound is amazing. The storyline is very interesting and very addictive it's filled with interesting characters. The Achievements are too easy well atleast for me. So overall I rate this game a 4/5 Stars.

by David on November 1st 2012

Hey guys and gals DaveyDarkness here. This is my review for Dragon's Dogma. Dragons Dogma is a unique blend RPG and Third-Person Action game. Capcom did some courageous things that paid off but it certainly isn't without some glaring issues. Graphics are okay sometimes. Creature designs and architecture designs rule. Character designs is a mixed-bag I liked the inclusion character creation. There is some really bad pop-in when the game is in action and some muddy looking textures. The fighting system is the best thing about this game, better than most RPG's the real-time action based combat is a blast to play with. Boss battles are just so epic and so much fun with the Grab & Climb system; find there weaknesses and you can inflict massive damage. Climb on a chimera and slice the hell out of with an array of weaponry swords, daggers etc. Or stay in the shadows and firing arrows or some impressive magical powers at the beasts. Flying beasts can and will fly while you're on its back stabbing away this is truly how RPG's should feel (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim should be taking down notes right now). The game also lets you sprint really fast! I Don't know why im putting that here but i just think it's really cool and much better because I feel like most RPG's restrict you so much in that department. You also wont be battling alone with the help of the Pawn System this game-play function ties into the story which I thought was a really strange decision. Its basically a Buddy system which lets you use other peoples user created Pawns (Companions) your be creating one too. Choose carefully because the one you make is the one your stuck with for the whole game. Flexible class system lets you easily try out all the 9 Vocations (classes) this includes some pretty creative ones like Magic Archer which lets you fire out some crazy magical arrows. Class progression is a highlight and will make you want to play more and more. the game seems to give you a lot more the more you play with it. Quest are pretty typical High fantasy fan-fare. Some really annoying grind quests e.g Kill 20 rats, kill 5 Goblins, etc. However it definitely has some gems hidden in there like in one quest I got to infiltrate a Heretic Cult. VERDICT Well its an top notch game Capcom aced the combat ! Sadly some graphical glitches, nonsensical story-features and some trite and boring quests let this game down.

by Goutham on July 20th 2012

What we have here is a bold attempt from Capcom; an attempt to provide what's best in JRPGs and Western themed games. Sadly, too many things get in the way of entertainment. The story is confusing and offers little to explain the world you're adventuring in.

by Cody on June 8th 2012

I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of third person fantasy RPG's. It has the classic Capcom Monster Hunter feel. The game has an intriguing story that revolves around the incarnation of Evil, the Dragon, who has stolen your hard, marking you as the Arisen. You must fight your way across the land of Gransys with the help of 3 Pawns, human-like beings that are yours to command and customize, to eventually slay the dragon, and take back your heart from it. This game features a very unique system that allowed you to climb along larger enemies, maneuvering yourself towards the enemies weakpoints for a mighty blow, and with the class system(vocations), you can choose one 9 to better fit your playstyle, ranging from Magick Knight to Assassin there a many choices! All in all, the game is a must buy for 3rd Person RPG fans, as it is incredibly repetitive, with hundreds of things to do, it could last hundreds of hours!

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