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Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership Card Xbox 360 and Xbox One Digital Download

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Customer Reviews

by Dylan on November 5th 2015

Thanks so much went to local stores and you guys came in at the cheapest, I didn't have to wait long and I will be buying it again in 12 months

by Jared on October 7th 2015

This is an excellent product at an extraordinary price. Compared to local electronic stores who stock and sell the exact same thing for around $80, this purchase is pretty much a no brainer. Not too mention, because this is a digital code sent via email, you don't even have to leave your house to purchase it. NZGameshop delivered my codes within 12 hours which is crazy fast. I've now purchased this four times and will continue to buy Xbox Live Gold only from NZGameshop. A+ product and A+ price.

by Matt on June 13th 2015

Best value around for a 12 month code. Works easily and instantly as the code is emailed to you. Will definitely be buying it again next time I need a subscription. Decided that this is the way to go over a psplus membership. Nzgameshop does it again with their great prices.

by Matthew on March 15th 2015

Way cheaper than all other stores that sell these like EB games and The Warehouse. From the time of purchase was emailed out within 24 hours so you can be online within a day of purchasing. Cheap price and convenience of being able to buy online and not go into a shop makes this product a fantastic buy

by Edward on December 31st 2014

Best deal for xbox live gold that I have seen anywhere. I will not be going anywhere else to get my xbox live gold memberships in the future. The code was emailed to me very promptly after ordering. Thank you NZ game shop for the great deal keep up the good work!

by Joshua on November 24th 2014

Xbox live opens endless opportunity's for yourself with your gold covering both xbox 360 and xbox one you only need one card, this one is at such a good price and is highly recommended you also get free monthly games on both 360 and one and unlock multiplayer and many other things that will wow you

by Andy on September 29th 2014

Insanely good price, a lot cheaper than in any New Zealand store. Normally they retail for around NZD80. Very good price, and helpful how that it gets sent straight to your email instead of having to go to the store and buy it directly. Very convenient and extremely good value!

by Dean on May 25th 2014

This is a crazy buy !! Without a doubt, the cheapest place in NZ to buy the live gold membership. Dont waste your money anywhere else! The live member ship is worth it for sure. You get so much more opportunities and can have the opportunity to experience multiplayer, which is the best part of alot of games, including call of duty and battlefield.

by Xinli on May 13th 2014

very cheap, low priced compared to all the other stores: JB s, Dick Smith or E B games. My code got emailed to me in like 4 hour s which is very quick. would recommend to all my friend s to use n z game shop to get x box gold

by Jamie on April 28th 2014

This is such a good deal you save 20 bucks off from most stores its 80$ next time i run out of live i know where to go next and letting everyone know this code works for Xbox one to i didn't know if it did but it does which is great.

by Jason on March 27th 2014

Pretty much a steal for a 12 month Gold subscription. On point with description. Cheers!

by Jacqueline on November 21st 2013

A great deal. I got the code emailed to me really quickly which allowed the kids to get going super quick. We got it at the right time as XBOX are putting out two free games a month some are a bit rubbishy but some are really good. Understand it is going to keep on going into next year aswell.

by Josh on September 26th 2013

I am loving how you can just get it in an email code and for only sixty bucks! much easier and cheaper than going to the shop and having to buy and for an extra ten or twenty bucks. I have recommended NZ GameShop to alot of my friends because of this also. Definately the best deal around ;)

by Benjamin on July 10th 2013

Excellent trade saved me heaps! The Code was e-mailed to me within 24hrs. I will happiy trade with again, actually looking forward to buying quite a few games of them and the fact that they have price drop notification meaning you can set a reasonable price and if it drops within that range they will e-mail you :) CANT WAIT :)

by Travis on June 25th 2013

I was hesitant at first to buy anything from this site due to it being based overseas. Especially paying money for a code to be sent by email. Well let your worries be allayed, this place is legit. The code was sent in less than 24 hours and now I'm downloading my first free game Microsoft will be giving out monthly to Gold members. The price of the 12 month Gold subscription is also $20 cheaper than buying it direct from Xbox, so it is a fantastic deal! Looking forward to buying games next time from here!

by Stuart on June 22nd 2013

Very good offer. What can I say? You know what x box live gold gets you. This subscription will allow you access to all the best features on x box. The service from nz game shop is always great. Email arrived within the hour after paying. Keep up the good work.

by Jennifer Royce on June 20th 2013

Cheap. Fast. Awesome! as the others said, WHAT A BARGAIN! even MS themselves sell it for a higher price. Was itching to get Xbox live because I want to play multilayer games online but was hesitant due to pricing. Now I don't need to worry anymore! I'm a buyer for life! I got it a few hours after buying it. So So soooo happy!

by Micky on June 6th 2013

This is amazing, such a good deal to be honest, cheapest you can probably get from retail places. At eb games they are usually 75 dollars nzd and thats concidered a good price. But this price, not even nearing 60 nzd is amazing. Such a good deal, keep it up nzgameshop

by Vitay on May 29th 2013

definately gonna buy this at the price and wow if you buy 3 months they are 30+ dollars when this is cheap

by Oliver on April 17th 2013

seriously the no 1 thing to buy on this site, no where else in NZ is it ever anywhere near this price, even during bond in bond shut down it wasn't at this price. For people worrying how long you have to wait, don't as it arrives in your email at the latest a day later unless weekend so order before friday night our time as is a UK site remember

by James on March 29th 2013

This is a great product worth getting as it is so cheap and reliable,very quick to come only takes a few days and comes via an email.Xbox live gold opens up heaps of new features that have been undescoverd from u before and is highly reccomoned.Also it is very cheap.

by Nga on March 24th 2013

This has saved me $20 dollars on purchase, it took at least one day to process for me as I had to confirm my address for email code.

by Steve on March 5th 2013

Wow fantastic deal save yourself $20 on the store price in NZ. Good deal to put your last top up on before the xb720 takes over.

by Jovan on February 28th 2013

yes! the savings really do matter! that means i no longer have to wait for like a week to get access to cool demos and the online battle or multiplayer is beast. Xbox Live is way better than PSN cuz of more cooler features and there is no hacking unlike in psn. xbox 360 gold for the win!

by Christian on February 6th 2013

Just Brilliant, Ordered it on Saturday got it on Tuesday. And it was so cheap i did't believe it at first but sure it enough it was the real deal. A must buy for any Xbox gamer or enthusiast. You will not find it any cheaper in New Zealand. Thanks NZ Game shop.

by Rahul on February 5th 2013

got an email with the code a few hours later, clear instruction extremely good value for money. everywhere else its $80 for 12 month gold subscription

by Kelvin on January 19th 2013

is good fast delivery cheaper then most places but if you want real value for money buy this then buy the family pack charge you're friends and family 40 bux each you will make some money and pretty much pay nothing for xbox live down side is you need money to buy this first it will make the family one cheaper

by Hriday on January 15th 2013

Amazing bargain as you get the code with in 24 hours. A lot cheaper than buying it at the shops where you can easily pay upwards of 80 dollars. Especially useful if anyone has bought any one of the big first person shooters that were recently released, ie Halo 4, Black Ops 2, etc.

by Caleb on December 22nd 2012

Awesome barging for what you get! Also no shipping time required! I had the code emailed to me within two days of purchase and then I was away! Excellent service at a very low price! If you are after xbox live this is the way to go! A++ for service and A++ for the price

by Sue on December 10th 2012

A great deal for a great product. It is usually $80+in stores and with this you don't't even have to leave you're house to get the code. Great email service. Was emailed very quickly but you have to remember they won't email on the weekends. Thank you nzgameshop!

by Timothy on December 8th 2012

At retail stores these are worth somewhere up in the reins of $80+ I normally wait until Xbox Live has their yearly christmas sale where they discount subscriptions heavily, and it once again becomes an attainable price. However, because of NZ Gameshop, I never have to wait again. $60 is a steal. Thanks heaps guys. Email Only codes are a totally golden way of instantly sending the product code to a person too =]

by Daniel on December 6th 2012

this is a great bargain. deffinitely worth the price. some other shops and sites sell them for over 80$! It's great value for money. Now i can enjoy playing online with friends while saving money. This is a great site because of the great prices and discounts that we can't find in shops.

by Sovandi on December 3rd 2012

Received the code within 4 hours. Outlook, hotmail or windows live users should check their junk mail for the code. Price is far cheaper than what most NZ retailers are selling subscriptions for, and for those worried about the codes not working with their Xbox live account, dont as Xbox live subscription codes are region free. Only Microsoft Point region codes are region locked.

by Avi on November 18th 2012

this is an awesome price as it is much more expensive from shops or from the online Microsoft store and so you save around about $30 a year and so you get more valve out of the money you spend. I recommend this to everyone as it is a great deal.

by Manav on November 12th 2012

Who doesn't love online gaming on the worlds top network? Xbox Live Gold is amazing, it gives access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the latest Internet Explorer for Xbox. This site has the 12 month membership cheaper than every store out there; JB, DSE, and even EB. Perfect for Xbox gamers.

by Tapua on November 8th 2012

It was quick, fast and very easy. They emailed me the code and I recieved the email very quickly. It's so much cheaper than buying it from the store, so this was a real bargain! I recommended everyone to go and buy it! Great service, definitely buying again :)

by Ryan on November 8th 2012

Awesome value, saves a good $20 - $40 depending on which store in NZ you buy it from, and is an emailed code, rather than a "Time Card" so the wait time to activating it, is tremendously less than it would be buying the card. Can't get past the cheapness of NZGameShop products.

by Jesse on November 5th 2012

I got this code within 3 hours of purchase, easy, fast and awesome for people who want to get onto live immediately again. Also this is the cheapest place I have ever found to have sold 12 months live, it has been really easy for me to keep my live over the years. I congratulate nzgameshop for making these great deals for the consumers. Keep this up and this website will be the best site in New Zealand (not because its a shop), this site should already be #1 out of all website genres, if it isnt I would be shocked. 5/5 Stars keep up the good work :)

by Mohammed on November 2nd 2012

Very good service i got the code withen 4hrs very cheap and worth while considering that you pay 80+ for membership in the shops in town wel worth the money and i enjoy being back on xbox live again and playing with all mi friends again thanks alot nz game shop :)

by Shaun on October 29th 2012

Best deal yet (xbox players only obviously) as it saves 30 dollars plus retail or 60 plus on a monthly rate. This is one of the best buys on NzGameshop and deserves the top spot on the Nz gameshops top sellers.

by Sam on October 28th 2012

Great price! Received the code within an hour of ordering. Usually retails for over $70 so this was an awesome bargain. I play with many of my friends online playing Halo, Skyrim, CoD and would usually only buy 1 or 2 months of Xbox Live Gold at a time. Having 12 months makes it so much easier and I'm sure each month will be put to good use with the release of Halo 4 in the near future.

by Kyle on October 16th 2012

Definitely worth the purchase, alot cheaper then paying monthly, 3 monthly or even 12 monthly you save 50% off, Thsnks so much NZ Game shop.

by Blake on September 24th 2012

Thanks guys, I ordered this towards night time so I thought i would get it in the morning and sure enough I did. This saved me about $30 as 12 months Xbox live membership in the shops is around $80 which is outrageous. thanks NZ game shop for saving us all money and making gaming affordable.

by Jordan on September 19th 2012

Xbox Live opens up so many opportunities for gamers. As a gold subscriber, you get access to weekly deals on dlc and arcade games (even popular ones go on sale), and you can join a private party chat as well as play with other players online. It's great to be able to sit in a private chat with a couple of good mates if you're playing Skyrim, and the service is a lot simpler than things like Skype etc. This is a great deal, and the code will work perfectly. So great that you can receive it even faster than something you would get couriered from here in NZ.

by Maurice on September 18th 2012

A BARGAIN ! An excellent service with the code emailed within 24hrs so very cheap and a must have considering that you pay $80+ for membership at JB's, Dick Smith or EB games well worth every cent to be on Xbox live and playing multi-player games online against friends, and to download free games and apps YAY !

by Ruka on September 11th 2012

Awesome Deal! Saves so much money compared to any other shop I've seen!

by Luke on July 26th 2012

Aweomse, good value.

by Steinar on July 16th 2012

Very good service i got the code withen 4hrs very cheap and worth while considering that you pay 80+ for membership in the shops in town wel worth the money and i enjoy being back on xbox live again and playing with all mi friends again thanks alot nz game shop :)

by Cliff on July 12th 2012

Another awesome trade, saved me more than $70 a year at the monthly pay rate and approx $30-40 retail!

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