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Assassin's Creed IV 4 Black Flag Xbox One Game

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by Finnbar on November 2nd 2015

Never played AC before but i thought I would try this one. Ship combat is stellar and the feeling of going over real waves in the open sea must be experienced and is worth it alone to get the game. Graphics are also amazing and the combat system in very well integrated into vast open world. 4.5 stars.

by Kyle on September 24th 2014

By far my favourite instalment in the Assassins Creed franchise. Edward Kenway has an undeniable swagger about him that makes him likeable, kind of like Jax from Sons of Anarchy, hes just cool. The ship battles are extremely fun and upgrading gives you pride in your ship. I especially liked going after the Legendary Ships as they provide an intense challenge, do not sail near them unless your are fully upgraded. Collectibles are spread out over the entire map making even long journeys rewarding if you make a few stops on the way. The crafting works well turning animal pelts and skins into pouches to hold more ammo. harpooning is probably the best addition to this game, hunting large marine animals and hoisting them out of the water onto your ship. Some people might not like it but that's what they did in those days. This game is less assassin and more pirate simulator, I wouldn't be surprised if ubisoft is working on a new IP based on pirates.

by Cormac on January 4th 2014

I've never felt more like a pirate in all my life. Even going so far as to teach my toddler to let out a Yarrrr! every now and again.This game is just fantastic. Initially I found the control of the character a little difficult, all this jumping and hiding when all I wanted to do was go somewhere quickly became a bit frustrating. Once I got into it I've rarely stopped playing. Having learned from Far Cry to go collecting chests and gems as I go has made things a bit more enjoyable. Chasing the Spanish and British fleets down and plundering their booty is a great change to the usual games out there. Getting caught up in a storm leaves you feeling nauseous and and taking pride in your ship leaves you watching it as it sails across the oceans. While it seems a little repetitive, take a break and go after the main mission - either way this is a wonderfully enjoyable and mesmerizing game. Can I get a 'Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum'!

by Marc on December 9th 2013

Accompanying a Welsh blonde pirate assassin are a plethora of Caribbean maritime stereotypes from scantily clad Mayan warriors to cross dressers and Anglo-Spanish rivalries. This game has it all... except giant walking robots; come looking for those and you'll be disappointed. Piratey pastimes include hunting 'Moby Dick', capturing sea forts, digging up treasure and drinking to excess at the local taverns; all while dressed like a renaissance westie if that's your thing. This game is choice. Combining Pirates and Assassins into one game is a recipe for disaster if it's done wrong and thankfully, it's created almost to perfection. Sure there are the occasional Assassin's Creed bugs that go with any Ubisoft release, but it's a much tighter execution than AC3, borrowing all the best bits and leaving the disasters behind. I'd imagine they could do some things a little better, but I can honestly say, I hope they make another Black Flag game; something I couldn't really say about any of the other Assassin's Creeds (except perhaps the first one, but that's due to my secret fantasy with the middle ages, the middle east and crusades and swords and stuff). In summary this game has the right amount of shootiness, exploration, behind the back stabbings, puzzly things and character development to keep most people happy and excited for a long time. Well worth the money you have to throw at it, especially in the barren desert of Xbox One day one titles.

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